Waco biker shooting surveillance video Lavandera pkg_00012408.jpg

Yes,  let’s all be relieved it’s over.  Finally.  Only took minutes for the mayhem and now, almost four years for an end to ridiculous charges and no explanations from elected officials and law enforcement.

What happened at TWIN PEAKS?  Why did it happen?  You got  me.  Why did they let that one guy just bleed out with the hospital in the background?  You got me.  If you didn’t already have questions the CNN Special about TWIN PEAKS should have planted a few.

No one knows what really happened,  if they do, they aren’t telling.  If you want the truth through public records etc.  good luck with that, no one is going to be able to piece together the truth as it has been hidden for the good of the public since we were all too stupid to realize bikers are bad and want to kill us all in our beds in the first place.

Abel Reyna ran on it,  lost on it, then retired from view and just left the problem for the man who beat him by a whopping 20% Barry Johnson.  Abel was assisted by Ralph Strother who just put those pesky remaining cases off, and off, until they wound up pushed to 2019 and Johnson.

Some were already dismissed by Special Prosecutors who called the entire TWIN PEAKS case, “harebrained.”

People deserved better than this.  Everyone.

Barry Johnson deserved better than this from his fellow Republicans, instead they protected and covered for Abel all the way to the wire.  Nice.


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