Poor thing tried to save us from ourselves and those gnarly bikers but we were just too stupid to see what a big hero he was and what he went through to save a bunch of ignorant ingrates.  Sigh.

Instead of dismissing the cases, or trying the cases, or pleading the cases, Abelino left the cases, just left them for the next guy.  Left the big mess and did nothing for months, leaving it for Barry Johnson and his people.

Next, we will have the civil cases.  The County is going to file a motion saying that little Abel acted “outside” the scope of his duties as DA and they won’t have to pay for what he did.  He won’t have to pay for what he did, he’ll have time to take bankruptcy or whatever one does when pinned for damages without the money to pay.

Somewhere in here are the Depositions.  AAAAaaah,  bless those Civil Attorneys and their Depositions.  Questions Abel and others will have to answer and, perhaps, we, the public will finally have the truth.













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