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Cardinal McCarrick                                             Roger Stone

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Mike Pence

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Judge Felipe Reyna                                         Ken Starr

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Mitch McConnell                                               Judge Ralph Strother

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Twice                                                                        Chadwick Henderson, Houston attorney

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I’ve been nice,  I just stay away from the Trump people.  It’s just depressing because you’re at the WHAT DOES IT TAKE, PEOPLE? stage of this,  and there are no boundaries to the love Trump folks have.

Yesterday, was really bad, I’ve seen Christmas dinner toasts at an Alzheimer Unit make more sense than THE Donald did yesterday.

We are past the “TAKING AWAY THE CAR KEYS” phase, Ivanka.

We have a President and we are saying, “There, there,” to him just like Aunt Margaret.

No, he won’t sign the POA,  he has his old ass crook lawyer mucking it all up in Wills and papers,  but,  you have more than a few folks who’ll gladly testify your way.  Including Mike Pence.

Check him into some nice retirement home and get one big insanity defense going,  save a lot of trouble and money,  you’ll be in control,  your mama, Ivanna, she’ll help you.

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Oh, sh#t, maybe not.

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Harry is going to go self medicate after realizing he wouldn’t buy a car from ANY of these people.

Be strong America,  it’s time to take over and put daddy in Florida for good.



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