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Dear Sheriff,

THIS is why I am so mad.


Investigators unravel mystery of 1982 murder of Central Texas teen

KWTXJan 31, 2018
… McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara announced his cold case … One of the cold case squad members, also an Axtell native, actually …
A family member of the man who committed a cold case murder, and had no idea her dead family member committed this murder until she saw it on television contacted Harry Storm.
The reason people reach out to Harry Storm is because they have nowhere else to go.
No longer did we have a Sheriff who’d at least call you and tell you it was going to be okay.  Nope.  We now have Secret Agent Man.
Sheriff “No Questions”,  Sheriff “Because I said so”,  not a public servant, answering to no one.
So a dead man’s family, had no idea the man was the murderer,  they called the Sheriff’s department and asked if they could see the evidence against the man for the murder to help them deal with it better as they were totally shocked.
They heard nothing back.  Kept calling.  Nothing.
Wrote letters.  Nothing.
Tried to contact YOU.  Nothing.
Contacted the non existent Harry Storm.  Harry gets YOUR HOME ADDRESS and has this nice lady write to YOU AND YOUR WIFE,  tell her story and give it one last shot.
Even Harry thought no one could be this big an asshole,  but,  sure enough.  You were.
Now you can deny getting the letter, or calls or whatever you want to on this but I know better.
You want to run again?  God help us.
You did THIS to one person,  it’s not even that bad probably, but I don’t see you changing.
I don’t see anything getting better with you around.
I tried to make it through with you but you have let me down for the last time.
You treat people badly,  we all deserve better.
You may still win even if I don’t like you, but I will make it very unpleasant and I suggest you begin by listening and imagining the questions that could be asked just from this public recording of a 911 call.
It’s heartless, and you’ve just ripped it with me.

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