Welcome to Retribution

Parnell’s posse riding herd on the lawless

Chapter 1

See Jane, the video


March 26, 2018

See Jane.  See Jane waiting to talk to the Sheriff’s deputies whom she thinks she can make a complaint.  HA!  See Jane listen to them “there there old lady” the old lady in front of her and do absolutely nothing.  Jane is taping this all because she can’t believe the deadpan looks on the two public servants and that this is actually happening.  The video isn’t very long and worth watching until the end.  This is just the first installment of the adventures of Jane.  It gets better.

Click on video below to see your tax dollars at work.


Stay tuned and remember what Jane said in this video, as, unfortunately, it will come back either to haunt her or save her.  Either way, the Sheriff’s posse here decides they don’t like Jane and they are starting to feel “threatened,” after Jane leaves.

Remember your Sheriff is the boss of this office.  Right now he’s skiing Aspen knowing he has $120K from rich folks in the bank, so all you poor people.  Well, work it out, Granny.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2.


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