How many of us ever got this “glad to see ya” smile from Judges Johnson or Judge Strother?  Harry surely doesn’t.  Hasn’t for about forty years either.  The only genuine smile in this photo is that of Judge Vicki Menard.

The reason Harry Storm has over 300,000 readers now,  yeah,  who knew,  is because Harry is funny,  it’s funny,  and “they’re” not,  which makes “them” easy to pick on.

Reality is sitting in the Courthouse hallways for long periods of time.  During the Carrizal trial,  many had that opportunity.  You could sit and watch people come out of Strother’s court,  and sit with many mothers and family members and lawyers going in and coming out.

Some of those women you meet again in the waiting rooms of the Harwell Correctional Facility.

Barry Johnson won by 20%,  that might just be 20% mothers.

Strother,  Johnson, and a few others just suffered from “overkill”,  they just finally fu*ked too many of the population,  at least 20% and didn’t even notice it.

Judge Menard is known and trusted to be fair.

Unlike the other two,  she’s used to the black dress and it didn’t go to her head.  She doesn’t care who you are or how much you make.  It’s just not in her.  Just like it isn’t in Barry Johnson.

Vicki Menard is living proof that it doesn’t have to turn out that way either.

IF anyone deserves to represent us in higher office,  it’s Judge Menard.






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