Not With My Dog You Don’t…

Scaramucci could wear a new “hat” instead of being a silly horny little girl, he can be anything from small terrier to a big ole dog Doberman now. 


FINALLY, a real sex crime raid. Something that actually happened without even a whimper or whine from undercover Sheriff’s deputies. Good boys. 

Incredibly this Lorena teenager filmed himself having sex with a “mixed breed” medium sized dog. We hope his next victim is a pit bull with a weinnie fetish.

There are no words here. Just a few warnings. Mostly about cats. 

Guess we don’t have much of an education system anymore in Texas. Guess we need some billboards out there to replace the Planned Parenthood ones. 

In reality, this poor idiot’s life is over, he is now a dog fkr the rest of his life and you can be sure those pictures have been sent to every law enforcement officer in the state just like the sex tapes sent around after the TWIN PEAKS telephones were seized. Remember that?

Please tell your teenage boys not to have bareback sex with the neighborhood critters, or, you can just come out where I live and give it a try.

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