Parnell wants to get rid of the ‘crteeps”, fabulous, what about criminals? 

Parnell McNamara has saved us, once again, from horn dog whore mongering citizens who didn’t commit a crime, they just wanted to buy a hooker.

Okay, buying a hooker is a crime, but, who the hell cares? You? Only if you’re Par and don’t have Char for those kinky things. 

The Sheriff’s deputies got to pretend to be little girls again, and how Scaramucci keeps from being just a total perve nut is beyond me. Having grown up men pretend to be hookers just strikes me as a bit sick. One time, two times, but with Parnell chasing “johns” is a full time job. Too bad he doesn’t care about real crime, like moving your brother’s body, or failure to stop and render aid, or six time girlfriend DWI’s, carrying pills up the cooch into the jail house, nope, none of this, just the buying of hookers.

NO ONE CARES. It wasn’t a crime, until you and the Perv Patrol made it one. Now Par feels like he and Char can leave town for wherever the hell QAnon destination where the two old farts can gun up and pretend to be young guns from Wacko like anyone gives a damn.

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