“Waco”,  come on vacation, leave on probation”


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Jake Carrizal,  his mom and brother coming out of the courtroom after mistrial.


If you read the Trib this morning and are starting to get just a pang of “silky feelings” towards Judge Ralph Strother who seems to have grown a pair since Reyna practically peed on his robe a few months back,  resist that urge.  It’s Stockholm Syndrome for sure and like an abused wife,  your first impulse is to forgive.

The elected and hired residents of this Courthouse have used you,  squeezed you,  lied to you, and just hid the truth from you because you’re too stupid to handle it.  It would appear one man’s ego started it,  Abel Reyna and everyone else was “O’tay” with it.

Unable to get in touch with the common man because they’re so scared of “us” they spent over $500K protecting themselves from the “biker hoardes” that never seemed to appear and the common man knows he’ll be losing his transmission on Morrow street for the rest of his life.

See,  we know bullshit when we see it.  We know a Kabuki dance Waco style and my wiser than I am friend, Dave, says it’s all happening because the uber religious think themselves the “earthly arm” of the “Richeous and angry God”,   which is something to think about.

God didn’t take the water fountains away from outside 54th.,  surely did not,  and God didn’t make the courtroom so cold you couldn’t stand it either.  Think I’m kidding?

God also didn’t make “stupid”.  The TWIN PEAKS stuff was stupid,  and the trial of Jake Carrizal was stupid.

Stupid and rigged.

I watched as much as I could stand in the frigid courtroom and went home one night after Judge Johnson “let in” testimony from a witness about a “dirty Harry gun” and the “man in the yellow helmet”,  leaving me to believe that this witness put a .45 in the hand of Jake Carrizal overnight.

THIS was bullshit,  not true.  Not one bit true.  There was NO .45 even found at TWIN PEAKS,  and Jake had a Derringer,  but for one painful night,  I thought,  Jake Carrizal surely had me fooled.

The Judge also let on that one juror who told him in no uncertain terms that he could NOT be fair,  he had something against bikers and that was that.  Great.  Judge put him on the jury and sure enough,  the guy didn’t lie,  he did help hang a jury though.

Reality.  They did not see Abel losing the election coming.  Nope.

Yeah,  I know,  duhhh,  right?

Neither did Abel and his family.  Nope.

60% people,  60.

This is the part in the BIG BOOK where the courthouse makes an inventory of itself and it’s time where they dismiss Jake Carrizal.

“The Emperor’s New Clothes” only continues because it is being allowed to by gutless and nutless people who just suck up to one another.

I think Jake Carrizal is set for September.  Really?

I call on this District Attorney’s office and the Judges to do something real,  something that counts.

Make amends,  while you’re searching for the real killers in this case, dismiss Jake Carrizal.




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