The folks living around the Rub and Tug are saying to themselves as perverts re enter their neighborhood in mass,  “it’s only till January,   it’s only till January”.  



He’d say he wasn’t,  but part of me thinks this was taken after the election and he’s about to burst out laughing.  Look at his mouth.  Come on.



As I sat in the jail waiting to see my son, along with everyone else’s mom, girlfriend, tias and kids, I thought I was alone. Family members in jail or legal trouble are embarrassing you know it,  so you don’t go out talking about it and other people are somewhat uncomfortable around you. I started the blog I was so mad and had nowhere to go.  Just like most of you reading this.  Cynthia Robinson was the first person that pulled me out of myself, on and on it rolled and we found more and more people who had just been bullied and broken. When we all got together, we became a force. When Barry Johnson had his debut at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and his eyes rolled when he heard Abel talk about “Justice in my bones”, we knew we had a leader. I didn’t think we were that quiet. We all knew Barry would win, our mantra was 62%, on Wednesday, the final number was 60%. They really had no clue they were going to lose. None.
Let us not forget the bravest of the bunch,  Julissa,  Greg,  Brittany,  and the exes he tried to draw in but they wouldn’t budge,   now they sit under the heading of “Clint Broden” .   Without power,   we’ll get to hear their stories and know why they were not allowed to testify and what a fight that was.  Crazy.  Really.
Yesterday, we exposed a possible bribery scheme we had to stay quiet about for over a year. Because it was an underground secret there were many things we didn’t know, and still don’t, it doesn’t matter because this regime is toast.
They misjudged us. They misjudged the women for sure, they misjudged folks with ankle monitors, they forgot the names and faces of the bullied. When TWIN PEAKS hit, they didn’t drain the pond, they filled it.
Barry Johnson made it okay to come out,  the new Umpire called,  “Safe”,  and that’s what it felt like.  People feel safe from retribution and retaliation now.  They can tell their stories.  Better than $10K worth of psychiatric treatment,  at least around here.
Abel’s been exposed, whatever level of culpability lies in the future or if he’s lucky, we’ll never know. A lot of lives were ruined, he’ll never know your name, never know your story, hell, you may not even live here or were able to vote against him.
It’s just over. FBI investigation or not, over.
This Courthouse has seen us as the ignorant masses too stupid to digest truth. That has been an excuse to bully us and lock us out of our own records “for our own good”.
Barry Johnson won this election.
In some future colored pie of statistics the “pissed off” might be some red colored small percentage, but we damned sure were there.  All the citizen bloggers,  Butch Moss with that wild Abel Reyna interview that made me drool.  They were still playing a ground game.
I hope that the COURTHOUSE and the people who work for our elected officials get a message, better be nicer.
Better instruct secretaries, clerks, and officers to be nicer. Much nicer. Because they’re not.
While we’re at it, give back the water fountains outside 54th.


  1. It seems the citizens of Waco have spoken. Good for y’all. Understand that now is the time for the truth to come out about Lake Waco Murders, and Mt. Carmel. Let the truth come to light.

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