A victory for the common man  and woman of Waco

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Look at that red faced mean little man.  He has three petitions against him now with over 200,000 people on his Jacob Anderson Baylor rapist Frat boy deal, where he showed the nation what we’re made of here, and now, a Commission of his own peers, 13 of them, say he was biased in his dealings with a Grand Jury.  Of course, he acted like it wasn’t his fault.  No explanation.  No statement.  Just caught and labelled an assh*le again.  Venerable?  Not this week.

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Wednesday,  the State Commission for Judicial Ethics and Conduct wrote our Dear Venerable Judge Ralph Strother, Strother was issued a Public Warning by the THIRTEEN MEMBER State Commission, which investigated Ralphie after a complaint was lodged by FEMALE ATTORNEY MILLIE THOMPSON who represented three bikers from TWIN PEAKS.  Seems Ralph Strother didn’t think anything was wrong with appointing a Waco Police Detective named DETECTIVE HEAD as foreman of a McLennan County Grand Jury in July of 2015.

Judge Strother declined comment because he owes no explanation about anything to anybody, he is GAWD in a black robe, it’s gone to his HEAD.  He answers to no one and the other menfolk in Waco call him “venerable.”  The rest of the world has petitions against him and actually pay money to one site just to write terrible comments to him, which he calls, “toxic.”

Strother, explaining his appointment of Detective Head that day, told the Tribune-Herald, “We have lawmen who get on jury panels all the time. Who is better qualified in criminal law than somebody who practices it all the time?”

The warning states the “relevant standards” the commission relied on from the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct in rendering its decision states: “A duties without bias or prejudice.”


“The commission has taken this action with the intent of assisting Judge Strother in his continued judicial service, as well as in a continuing effort to protect public confidence in the judicial system and to assist the state’s judiciary in its efforts to embody the principles and values set forth in the Texas Constitution and the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct,” the warning states.

The day Strother appointed Waco police Detective James Head foreman of the grand jury was the first time that McLennan County used a new, random system to select grand jury members. Previously, judges appointed grand jury commissioners, who nominated prospective grand jury members.

Just like Grandpa getting caught shoplifting at Wal Mart,  NOT HIS FAULT.

Strother told the commission Head “would have never been on this or any other grand jury” if the prior system of appointing grand jury members was still in place. The judge assured the commission that the experience “has since caused me to exercise more caution and be more aware of potential problems,” according to the warning.

Strother told the commission he did not realize Head was a police officer until after he was sworn in. The judge said he appointed him presiding juror, adding he knew of no prohibition against an officer serving as either a grand juror or trial juror.

The warning states Strother said he did not ask if Head played any role in the Twin Peaks investigation.

“He stated, ‘in perfect hindsight, I wish he had not been on the grand jury,'” according to the commission warning. 

Just never his fault.  NEVER his fault.  Nothing.

The warning said Strother told the commission that he did not think appointing Head foreman was a conflict of interest, noting that the term of the grand jury on which Head served expired before prosecutors presented the Twin Peaks biker cases in November 2015.







    1. Well, there’s the WORLD, and then, there’s WACO. Unfortunately, for Ralph those two worlds have collided. He won’t resign, he’s too mean for that, they all are but he ain’t havin’ fun either. People have started to question them, this “venerable” bullshit and yes men have to go. We have to take it back. Why let him enjoy his meal?

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