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               One Year Anniversary of the Rub and Tug Bust on Washington


For some unfortunate Wacoans,  I’ll bet it just seems like yesterday they appeared on the front page of the Trib after being identified and arrested at the Massage Parlor on  Washington avenue that had “happy endings.” When the Sheriff’s department raided the joint they confiscated something they hadn’t planned on,  “the cameras were in the clocks”,  whether to protect the “girls” or blackmail johns,  whatever kind of massage you were getting at Zang’s,  you were filmed.  Uh oh.



          “I replate shrimp at Buffet now,  with same hands”

Image result for zhang waco massage parlor 2017


Image result for zhang waco massage parlor 2017



Sheriff got awards including one from UNBOUND for his busting of the rub and tugs and local Chinese Buffet.

Cool,  but,  what happened to the cases?  Those “315” cases?

Sheriff says he gave those to Abel Reyna way back there.

We don’t think Sheriff was none too happy about it either.

Image result for sheriff mcnamara waco


So here we are a whole year later,  a Rub and Tug anniversary,  you have to ask yourself, since Sheriff gave them to Abel, and  he only has about two weeks to dispose of those cases before he leaves office,  what little surprises are in store for us in the next few days?


Do you really,  really think he’s going to leave those cases for Barry Johnson?

Uh oh.











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