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  RiCochet Boutique | Wacoan® | Waco’s Magazine™ Sherre bought the Christian-based boutique from its founders, Debbie Hines and Cindy Arnold. Cindy’s daughter Kendall currently works there as a stylist and the social media manager. RiCochet specializes in the latest trends and styles in clothing, footwear and accessories. There’s also a wide variety of home decor and … I … Continue reading

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 I should have thanked you in 2017.   Abel Reyna called her crazy and a disgruntled employee. Just like 100% of crooks call women who turn them in every damned time, especially in Governmental Whistleblower cases.  No,  this isn’t a Governmental Whistleblower case,  it’s what we’ve come to in McLennan County.  Julissa West was braver … Continue reading



  Ambush | Define Ambush at Ambush definition, an act or instance of lying concealed so as to attack by surprise: The highwaymen waited in ambush near the road.  TWIN PEAKS:  Ambush,  military operation,  another local law enforcement screw up gone wild?  You decide.  Many citizens have blogged,  complained,  and become investigators on their own,  uncovering … Continue reading