EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! SHERRE JOHNSTON #we’re watching you.. Lover’s Lunch Skip Hearing Ninfa’s Bar


The perfect song for the “invisible” gawd fearing couple

While John Johnston’s at work or doing the home chores,  Sherre Johnston who was supposed to be in Court and go to jail today to begin her 180 day stint had that little ordeal   postponed  again.  Hell,  she had it so postponed the clerk couldn’t tell me over the phone which day,  finally landing on “Friday the 12th. at 10”.

Was it the flu?  Was it inconvenient,  no,  it was merely lunch with her lover,  Truman Simons.

You and I would be in jail,  dear reader.

Think this shit ain’t wrong???

Big time.



Today on the Lunch Special,   John Johnston’s balls

sherre and truman lunch


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