Harry’s played along,  now he’s  “repissed”.

                   Next Court Date Friday the 12th. at 10:00


For those of you who still had feelings of sympathy for Sherre Johnston,  whose true criminal record now begins with “Once Upon a Time”,  because even Williamson County stuff has vaporized.  Nope,  she either has something on “them”,  or has had sex with a lot of folks,  or a combo of both,  except it’s a wider net than we thought.

See,  this kind of woman has NO scruples,  she’s a man’s woman,  a toy.  Except the toy got in trouble a few years back,  Barbie’s got a little big for her britches carrying a gun,  and now she’s in trouble,  she has more shit on Parnell,  Abel,  her own incredibly “loyal”, husband,  Truman the pet Pomeranian.

Someone needs to depose this bitch frankly.

If you didn’t think so before,  think about this.  She was scheduled to turn herself in…  Yep,  today,  the 10th. at 10.

Her name did NOT APPEAR ON THE DOCKET ONCE AGAIN.  Nope.  This suspicious absence moved me to call the Court of Judge Vik this morning.  I asked the very nice lady who answered if Sherre Johnston was on the docket,  After a few minutes she came back and said,  “Tomorrow,  at 10”,  I said,  “Thursday,  the 11th. at 10”,

She said,  “Friday,  the 12th. at 10:00”.

If you think Harry is nothing but a gossip and Sherre Johnston is just a poor victim,  it’s time you think again.

Try this,  get three DWI’s,   oh, hell,  back to back,  carry a gun,  then put off your date to report to your already diminished charges.

If this isn’t WRONG,  what the hell is.

Recon they are trying to sneak in some probation?  Sherre is THAT sacred?

See if anyone in your family,  or you can get this treatment.


Vic Feazell,  who played Jesus in the Mary Hardin Baylor Easter Pageant years ago,  hired his buddy’s girlfriend,  Sherre Johnston,  wife of the FIRE CHIEF,  John Johnston,  to work in Vic’s office.  Flaunting the affair was okay with Vic and Truman,  humiliating John Johnston at the Fire Department,  no problem.

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Sherre Johnston and Mike McNamara had a long time love affair.  He virtually died in her arms.  Instead of calling 911 she called Mike’s brother,  our Sheriff,  Parnell McNamara,  and Mike’s dying body was put between a WalMart and the LongHorn Steakhouse.  Then the extremely bright idea for Sherre to call 911 (finally) was hatched and the 911 call was made,  we love this one,  be sure and listen below.

Mike McNamara,  whose now missing phone had nude selfies of Miss Thang.

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John Johnston,  Fire Chief demotes himself to a position that doesn’t even exist just days after the death of Mike Mc.,  to “spend time with his family”,  while Sherre disrupts the wake,  the funeral and leaves notes on the grave.

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