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Just when we were getting tired of picking on her,  thinking about how cool
Martha Stewart is now after that stint in the Federal pen, but, Sherre is too good to go.  She’s better than you,  obviously better than me, and we don’t think she’s sorry.
Remember 3 DWI’s,  unlawfully carrying a gun.  GUN.  Failure to identify herself.
We all know women who fuck their way to the top,  but staying out of jail on this wrap,  plus the killer diller afternoon with dead baby brother.  Reality?
What these  “Christians” don’t “get” is that most people don’t pretend to be good.  I am not good,  I am by their standards,  evil,  and laughing my ass off at the hypocritical shit THEY don’t see.
So,  Sherre gets home from the Hearing where she’s beat the law again,  reads a story about Waco attorney Russ Hunt,  gets pissed off because it says something about her old time fuck Truman and writes……me?  Yep.
She writes me at 4:00 as a comment about a story about Russ Hunt,  this chaps her ass and she can’t stand it has to take up for Truman.  See,  Narcissists just cannot be wrong,  if they ever run the DNA and I’m wrong,  it doesn’t bother me,  I’m just evil,  not a Narcissist,  see I’m evil but not being a Narcissist,  I’d at least know three DWI’s  with a GUN, was not the thing to do and I would probably be sorry and do my time like EVERY FUCKING ONE ELSE.  Probably even at Woodway Baptist someone would quit kissing my ass and tell me that cheating on one’s husband isn’t good.  OH, and depositions don’t lie.
See it’s okay for them to cheat,  okay to lie in a depo about screwing John Johnston’s WIFE,    deposition,  sworn testimony,  right here.  However,  the Lake Murder Heroes must live on,  well,  at least Truman,   they’re obviously dumping VF.  HA!  Like THAT’s possible.
Harry etc. missed the Hearing,  who would ever think that Judge Vik would just let this woman walk out of the Courtroom again?  Well,  he did, and here is her nice comment to Harry after getting home from her day out at court.  Think this County doesn’t give special treatment?
She misses the point that Harry doesn’t     pretend    to be a goodie goodie.  Hell no.  Harry does not, however,  drive drunk with a gun.  If Sherre Johnston driving around drunk with a gun doesn’t bother you,  you’re nuts.
Anyway,  this is how a Christian woman repents after her Court Date for drunk driving and not going to jail yet again.
(From Sherre Johnston today)

I missed seeing you today. John, some of my friends, were all there waiting to see that very very sick, evil redhead who has a distorted view of reality. Who doesn’t have a life , so she wants to be involved in mine. I’m not Vic or Truman. I haven’t seen Vic in almost three years. I also now know that you were never my mothers friend. Her family warned me about you. You use people. You’re not anyone’s friend. You’re too evil and insane. I never want to be anything like you. Have you thought about getting a job, instead of living on welfare? You squandered millions of dollars on men and drugs, and now you want everyone to feel sorry for you. Sue me Berni. why would I sue you? You have nothing. I’d love to give my deposition to a real lawyer, not an idiot who does nothing but make up fairy tales. Of course, Fisk is just as sick, bitter, and jealous as you are. Birds of a feather.



For those of you who voted for John going with her and leaving Truman to do the chores on our Lake Waco poll,  congratulations,  you won.


Businesswoman charged in burglary on local sheriff’s property

Sherre Johnston. (Jail photo)
By Staff |

WACO, Texas (KWTX) A local businesswoman has been arrested and charged in connection with a break-in Sunday at a storage shed next to the home of McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara off Rock Creek road in Bosqueville.

Sherre Johnston, 49, of Lorena was arrested early Monday morning after a search warrant signed at 1:40 a.m. Monday by 54th District Court Judge Matt Johnson was executed at her home on Deer Valley Drive.

The warrant return signed at 2:45 a.m. Monday says two canteens and a saddle bag were recovered in the search of Johnston’s home.

Johnston was arrested and booked into the McLennan County Jail.

She was charged with burglary and criminal mischief and was later released after posting bonds totaling $6,000.

McNamara declined to comment on the arrest Wednesday.

An affidavit filed in connection with the arrest says that Johnston was seen on McNamara’s property by two credible witnesses at around 7:45 p.m. Sunday.

“They saw Sherre Johnston just outside the entrance to a storage building on the property with unknown item in her hand,” the affidavit says.

The affidavit says the two witnessed her stash the item on a tractor and drive off in her car.

They then went to the tractor and found a canteen.

The two witnesses notified McNamara and when he and other deputies arrived, they determined that a canteen was missing along with several other items from inside the shed.

Johnston was warned last month to stay off the property.

The affidavit said a law enforcement officer spotted her on McNamara’s property on April 13.

She was advised she wasn’t allowed there and signed a document stating she understood she would face a criminal trespass charge if she returned.


  1. Are you going to print my second response? Everyone was at my hearing . EVERYONE. Yi had problems that I’ve addressed . I drank for two years out of 49. I’ve gotten counseling for my issues. You squandered millions of dollars on paying men for sex, drugs for your son and yourself. Now , you want to point the finger at others and judge? Seriously? Like I said ….you need SERIOUS psychiatric help Berni. So does Fisk and Thompson

    1. I love Greg . I feel badly for him. You do nothing but use people, including your own son. He’s better off away from you . Incest is illegal here. I don’t judge anyone . I have no right to . I’m a sinner . However, one thing I can’t stand are cowards. You, Fisk and Thompson are TOTAL cowards . You’re pathetic

      1. No reply? Yes. I have A LOT on you . I won’t play this insane game with you . This is all YOU. YOU are the narcissist. How are you helping the bikers Berni? How does this help the bikers? This is about your own insane vindeta . Yes, I own a lot of guns, and I’m a good shot. I taught my kids how to shoot. That’s my right as an American to protect myself . That’s ONE thing that I don’t have to apologize for .

    1. You now obviously don’t have the balls to bring up a good mans name. Maybe his brother doesn’t have the balls to fight you, but I do

      1. A good man’s name? Oh, Mike McNamara? Okay. Mike McNamara is the Sheriff’s brother. Happy? Most people knew that but we’ll let you have your way.

  2. You brought Greg into this. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? You want to lie about others, but you don’t want the truth revealed about you. YOU are the narcissistic bullying coward. Do you still want to play with people’s lives? Let’s give our depositions Berni. Of course, you have no problem lying under oath, you’ve done it many times

    1. Sadly, like you, Greg takes no responsibility for anything HE does. He was in his first rehab long before any of this even began. Like you, and his dad, I am very sorry I found out Truman shredded the truck and it pushed me over to believing David didn’t do it. However, no one MADE Greg do drugs, no one MADE you drink. Take responsibility for yourself and yourselves.

      1. I have taken responsibility for my actions. I’ve gotten help. You know nothing about me. You now know I know what all you’ve done. You just cussed your son out. The son you claim to “love” so much. He wants and needs to be away from you. He just contacted me. He does NOT want to come back here. You trying to hurt me, when I’ve done nothing to you, demonstrates what you are. Drop this insanity Berni. I’m about to reveal who YOU really are. I don’t want to. I don’t have fabricated emails, like you do. Anything written can be changed. I have long voice messages.

      2. I was in rehab in oct. 2016. I haven’t drank since. I drank too much for 18 months out of my entire life. Which I am very remorseful for. I hurt myself and more importantly my children. Unlike you, who has done illegal drugs for at least 36 years. You and your paid boyfriends and prostitutes gave your son drugs. Look in the mirror, if you can stand it.

      3. January 16, 2018 Please do not contact me via email or any other transmission, if you do I will have to file harrassment charges on you. Thank you.

      4. I smoke pot you fool. I don’t and NEVER have driven drunk, much less with a gun. Like you my son has been to numerous rehabs and a stint in the State Hospital after being committed by the State of Texas. He was 32 when that happened, he is grown you fool, he’s been on drugs for years and you know that.

  3. You gave your son drugs…….You, and all the men you spent your millions on, paying them to have sex with you. You hired prostitutes and pushed them on Greg, when he was a boy. A BOY! Do you want me to continue with YOUR long list ? Let’s take some depositions.

    1. I suggest you take my picture down now. You’ve already accumulated a felony and a misdemeanor. Maybe we can be cell mates one day. Then you’d finally have to face me. Also, do you remember your drug charge in Austin? We do. You ran. I’ve stayed here and faced things. Yes, I’m friends with the APD chief, AND his wife. Do you want to face me ALONE and I will show you my file? Are you still too cowardly to be an adult? You think you’re “a biker icon” and a “criminal reporter”. Now that’s funny. YOU are the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen. You’re sticking your nose in other peoples business. Btw, Judy Simons has ALWAYS hated your guts. She saw through you the minute she met you. I was too young and naive to really see it . I’m older now, as you are. You’re 70. Go support your son and grandchildren. You mock God, and people who worship God. That doesn’t mean their better. We are all sinners. That’s why we have churches.

      1. I am. You can’t keep hurting people that don’t even know you . Especially not after all the things you’ve done.

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