Went through all that trouble to move the body and now this?


Looks like Sherre expects Parnell to do more than he’s already done.  Wow.  Charlotte?  Whatcha think?

Instead of,  “I’m sorry and will never drive drunk again”,  we get a defiant little 50 year old woman who’s DEAL IS SET IN STONE so now she can come on out in her ankle boots and call other people “nut case”.  This after Harry did NOT respond to another rant using Harry’s son as bait.

Sherre it seems vows to “fight” for Mike Mc’s good name even though his brother,  Sheriff Parnell McNamara “doesn’t have the balls to fight you”.  Seems there’s a threat,   “I do”.  Well, did Parnell let little girl down?  Uh oh. Look out.

We are lovin’ this so much,  we’ll just let you have a look for yourself.



  1. Sherre replied to a comment
     You obviously don’t have the balls to respond, nutcase 
    You now obviously don’t have the balls to bring up a good mans name. Maybe his brother doesn’t have the balls to fight you, but I do
  2. Sherre commented on SHERRE JOHNSTON: HOME RUN HONEY
    You obviously don’t have the balls to respond, nutcase 


You can call me whatever you want,  I never cheated on my spouse and surely never in 30 years drove drunk.  Nope.  Drugs?  Smoked some weed,  sure did.  


Aaaah,  Sheriff Mc after going through all that to move your brother you created a monster who is NOT happy with you……..uh oh



  1. Bullies are always cowards. Bullies play dirty, until they are confronted with the truth. Then they go back and hide under a rock (in your case, a computer,)and slither around. I dealt with my problems and issues. I’ve been punished accordingly. I’m not apologetic to an evil lunatic like you. Your very uninformed opinion is of no relevance to me. You keep saying that Vic, Tru, and I are one person, and that WE sent Greg to jail. Greg knows that isn’t true. So YOU brought Greg into this, constantly. Now, you want to back track. You talk about me knowing things about people. I know a whole lot about you. You ARE a druggie, and that is one reason your idiotic rants on here are made up fairy tales. You have NO right to judge anyone. What you did to your son is disgusting and appalling. You’re not a “biker icon” and you’re not going to make any “quick money” off of your rantings. Constantly writing about a deceased man who is now in peace, and not having to live in this horrible world, is disgusting. Have you thought about how it must hurt his family? Of course not. Get a life Berni. You have grandchildren. Go try to be a grandmother. Get a job. Do something to help someone. Volunteer. Stop just thinking about your desire “to get even”. Stop just thinking about yourself and your agenda. Get the psychiatric help that you so desperately need.

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