I apologize to Sheriff but you still suck.




 This really is Sherre Johnson wearing one of her “Gun Happy” T shirts from Ricochet Boutique.   You cannot make this up,  the wild circumstances are not my fault nor are they untrue.  You CANNOT make this shit up.   She’s not even holding the gun correctly.  THIS drives me nuts.  Some folks don’t need to be around guns.

I have no answers about guns and gun control,  don’t know what to think but this does not help.


  When Judge Vik gives this woman the sweetest deal in the world,  with a straight face.  Those of us IN THE COURTROOM were,  of course,  crazy and “lying” about the FIVE DWI’S,  Failure to identify, plus,  sorry, my personal favorite,  CARRYING A GUN.

NO SPECIAL FAVORS.  Oh,   hell, no.

So,  we’re all lying idiots and the Assistant Fire Chief’s wife,  is in the courtroom with a man other than her husband in some kind of make believe “I have God and you don’t”, World that I don’t appreciate one gawddamned bit.  Plus,  the woman has NO sense of humor at all. CANNOT laugh at herself,  this they ALL seem to have in common.

It also seems they can cry when needed.  Gimme a high five on that one.  Whiney lot.

On the 16th. of January,  Sherre,  who I have been piss fighting with since 2002, decided to escalate the banter with a gun threat.  I asked two of my friends if this was a threat,  unfortunately,  they said it was and I had to do something I’d rather NEVER HAVE TO DO because it is so futile and terrible.


I first called “911” and read the FEMALE operator the comment little Sherre wrote to me and she said,  “that is a threat” and then I talked to the cops.

They sent over Officer Dunnigan.  Officer Dunnigan is just plain DONE,  there ain’t no again.  When we had a woman beating her children at this apartment complex,  several women called CPS and reported her,  we also called the police and wound up with Dunnigan and another clown who went upstairs and came downstairs only to tell the neighbor and I we should “have a barbecue” with this bitch whose children were handing out notes saying,  “help me”,  to neighbors.  YES.  All documented.

We had to call more than once and always got Dunnigan who after talking to me one day went to the office where the girls under 35 are and announced to them that “….likes to call the police”.   They are women first and ratted him out to me as they chuckled at his obvious preference in women much younger.  Old women,  crazy,  young women,  well suck in that gut.

Had it.

Well,  that did it,  we didn’t call the police again. Things escalated and culminated in that shooting a year ago here at my complex,  if you remember RADIO LEGENDARY did a story.  That was because the police don’t do their job. Then,  January 16th. 2018  a few days after Sherre was sentenced to 180 days on weekends.

Okay,  so I call about Sherre’s ignorant note and they send me DUNNIGAN,  who I am done with.  I tell him to get back in his car and send me someone else,  anyone else.  He turns red and gives me the “you’re crazy” look.

So,  I get two other cops they chat me up I try to give them copies of the note,  they wind up telling me it’s my own fault and they don’t want the papers or anything else.

I am taping them the whole time and they notice it finally.

“Are you taping us”

“Aren’t YOU taping me?”  I ask?

Well, the weren’t and freaked right on out when they realized what I was doing.  They made no police report and told me that the only “evidence” that this even occurred was  the 911 tape.

Well,  I can’t wait to get it.

What the hell makes one neurotic drunk gun happy bitch such a protected species she gets 5 DWI’s with a GUN.


I “messaged” the Sheriff’s Office FACEBOOK page and left a message that is permanent saying that Sherre had threatened me and the PD didn’t do anything.

Six months ago,  four days after getting the sweetest deal in Courthouse history,  the Assistant Fire Chief’s WIFE wrote me and threatened me,  the threat was filtered through their OWN FEMALE OPERATOR.

The could not have cared less and were not interested in documentation or making a report,  although I was.

What we want is just equality.  Just to be treated the same across the board,  you don’t do that. 




Here is the reprint of January 16, 2018




      Is Harry being threatened?  



From Sherre:

“No reply? Yes. I have A LOT on you . I won’t play this insane game with you . This is all YOU. YOU are the narcissist. How are you helping the bikers? How does this help the bikers? This is about your own insane vindeta . Yes, I own a lot of guns, and I’m a good shot. I taught my kids how to shoot. That’s my right as an American to protect myself . That’s ONE thing that I don’t have to apologize for .”


Sherre wants her comments published and is shaming Harry for not putting them all up here sooner.

Harry started this blog to protect himself from:  Sherre Johnston,  Truman Simons, and Vic Feazell.  Much more safety in the public knowing and seeing public information paperwork online.

Anyway,  here is what’s up with Sherre,  my favorite is where she’s pissed off about her picture,  wonder if she wrote KWTX and told them she’s a good shot too?




Sherre Johnston _1-15-18

“Yes, I own a lot of guns, and I’m a good shot. I taught my kids how to shoot. That’s my right as an American to protect myself . That’s ONE thing that I don’t have to apologize for .”

“Take my picture down”                 Guess she forgot KWTX posted it.


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    Company NameRicochet Boutique, LLC

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    Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo

    LocationThe Marketplace, Waco, Texas

    Women’s clothing boutique , and gifts.

  • Private Investigator/Legal Assistant

    Company NameSimons Investigations

    Dates Employed2004 – Dec 2016

    Employment Duration12 yrs

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    Company NameRoyal Manor Health Care Inc

    Dates EmployedMar 2016 – Sep 2016

    Employment Duration7 mos

  • Part-time paralegal/investigator

    Company NameFeazell and Tighe PC

    Dates EmployedNov 2000 – Mar 2015

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  • Compliance officer/Asst. Supervisor

    Company NameSterling Trust Company

    Dates Employed1990 – Aug 2001

    Employment Duration11 yrs

    LocationWaco, Texas Area




  1. I accomplished what I wanted. You are leaving people alone that aren’t here anymore to defend themselves. Like I said, I have proof of everything I’ve said. I will be glad to share it in a deposition that you keep threatening with, ANYTIME. Cameron Thompson told several of us that . We have moved on from the Thompson’s, and they need to do the same. Your poor son has shared a lot with me. I have it all. The proof is in the pudding. You didn’t become the bike icon you thought you would. They see through you. You haven’t been able to become famous or extort any money out of any of us like you had hoped . You never made Oprah. That’s funny. All you have left, is rambling on about me. Go ahead. You obviously aren’t going to get the help you desperately need. I think you’re beyond help. That’s very sad. I have a life to lead. Things I need to do. You obviously don’t . Go back to your computer.

    1. No one cares about my kid or yours. People
      know there’s a flaky story about the Sheriff’s brother, dying with you conveniently right there. NO one cares about your rehab, were you drunk when you burglarized the shed or sober? Now that’s a question. I hope a lawyer with the CIVIL SUITS IN AUSTIN deposes you, not me, and go over your strange 911 tape, and other interesting things the ENTIRE TOWN knows about, not just me. You cheat on your Assistant Fire Chief husband, Truman Simons admitted it in deposition, people, not just me, think that this is demoralizing to the fire department. They also think it’s made the S.O a joke. Not me, you and sneaky dealings. I’m a bad parent, now, let’s talk about you and that 911 call.

    2. Just got your message from Greg. Who the fuck are you to say anyone has bad parents? He told you the incest thing was bullshit, you idiot. Go to church and while you’re at it, think about saying people have sex with their children. You cow. Try driving off the bridge again, you can’t do anything right. Everyone ultimately fucks you over because you are a pest and a hypocrite. Can’t wait to put your text to my son online and his idiot words too. Your daughter cuts herself and you say someone else is a bad parent? Fuck you.

    3. Extort money? What the hell are you talking about, offer up some proof you liar. My son told you there was no incest either, but you knew that. You’re so tough you can’t even make four weeks in jail, yeah, you’re a badass. Extort money? How? Everything about you is PUBLIC INFORMATION, if you had a brain you’d know that. ANYONE can access Public Information. Liar. Your church friends all know better too, you stupid bim.

    4. Guess the Thompsons need to move on from the serrated knife you had at their sons throat per FOUR offense reports. OH, just another waste of time for the PD.

  2. My blog has over 100,000 people who read it, I’m happy with it, thanks to you and your special treatment, plus whoring and that incredible 911 call, folks all over the world know the name “Sherre Johnston”, you may not be “fucking anybody now” from your text to my son, but you certainly spent time fucking a lot of people twenty years ago and blackmailing them now into sweet deals. You liked men in uniform and that got you places. Till your looks and luck ran out. OH, and Charlotte McNamara got your number. She loves you too I’m sure.

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