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Ambush definition, an act or instance of lying concealed so as to attack by surprise: The highwaymen waited in ambush near the road. 

TWIN PEAKS:  Ambush,  military operation,  another local law enforcement screw up gone wild?  You decide.  Many citizens have blogged,  complained,  and become investigators on their own,  uncovering evidence that is ignored on purpose,  hidden in some “secret military operation” to protect us from ourselves?  You are the citizen,  here is your evidence.  You decide.



As the birds eye view drawing shows the L shape ambush of the police’s. For the interviews that Sargent Swanton gave as he explained that once the bikers banished weapons the police quickly moved in. But they actually opened fire on American Citizens from across 2 parking lots. Of the said 22 officer’s at the scene 14 officer’s was placed on administrative leave as standard procedure after firing their weapons. Later Cheif Stroman’s press conference confirmed that of those 14 officer’s who fired a total of 44 shots, of those 44 shots 12 was of the 3 officer’s who fired the. 223 rounds that killed 4 of the people. During the first trial we found out that they only sent the 3 officer’s rifles in for ballistics testing, this leaving 11 officer’s and their weapons missing from the evidence.



As police procedure for how to disburse a crowd is to flip on the sirens and drive up on them, as you can see that Bucher & Jackson had a open driveway . Bucher explained on the stand how they had tear gas and that’s exactly what they trained for doing and did a practice run the week prior. Yet Bucher & Jackson grabbed the AR -15’s and just started shooting people at a restaurant in a busy shopping center.



A five foot four woman, barely 100 pounds,  armed with pictures,  information,   the internet,  curiosity,  and the tenacity never to give up put together this compilation of pictures and diagram.

Paula Carroll Swann armed with common sense and a voice has done a better job than those sworn to bring us the truth.





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