Click on the site and song below to find out where Steve, Par and the girls were while other County officials were working on solving real problems. Hmmm. Enjoy, this is snarky.


OOOOops, where was Steve January? Interviewing witnesses? Getting that cigar run for DNA?

steve january dogHe was going to re interview witnesses, instead he went camping with the Sheriff in Galveston, guess he forgot to get that Hefele DNA on the cigar movin before he left for some covid quarantine beach fun.

See, he thinks I’m stupid, well he thinks we’re ALL stupid, he thinks we haven’t been waiting for him or “Par” to announce that DNA is being run in the HEFELE case. See, they haven’t done a thing, they don’t want to, they hope you’ll think I’m nuts, they’re heroes and forget about the DNA and that pesky CIGAR found in Hefele’s car.  Ole Steve here would rather call a 72 year old woman and tacitly threaten her with jail for publishing the Sheriff’s address than go after a murderer.

A murderer walks among us. EVERYONE has a pretty good idea who it is or an associate, however, the Sheriff doesn’t want to find out. Could be his #2 Contributor, so, it’s better not to know.

Shame on you, Steve January, for not standing up to a Sheriff, you and all the others are nothing but Sock Puppets to a man who EVERYONE knows is covering up more cat pooh than a zoo lion.

You didn’t order that DNA run, diya.

Just a 40 year dead Mexican woman, I’ll go to the beach instead.

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Captain Steve January, a man with his nose so far up the Sheriff’s RV it’s unbelievable. Seems Captain January and the McNamaras just got back from a little quarantine relaxation stint in Galveston together. This after Sheriff went on quarantine to New Mexico where he had to cross through the highly infected Indian Reservations along the way. Nothing stops Parnell from having a good time. Nothing. Well, maybe before today, but usually nothing.

In February, January told KWTX he was going to re interview the witnesses in the Hefele case. Guess he forgot. Had better things to do. Had other stuff on his mind. Guess he thought that Paul Gately would lose interest, hell, Waco Trib could care less and a few months have come and gone.

Ask yourself this question. Did Captain January and/or Parnell McNamara have a big fit and DEMAND that the DNA be run in this case? Hmmm. No.

See, they have deemed this writer as “crazy”, therefore they can keep playing their smoke and mirrors game and keep insulting the people of this county who see them for what they are, evil and very bad actors of late. You can look at them and tell it’s all bull, below is the KWTX interview from February.


Here we are in July and NO ONE has been re interviewed. No one.

The only person to EVER do the right thing in this case at the Sheriff’s department was David Johnson, HE actually talked to witnesses, in spite of his Superiors at the Sheriff’s department WHO took him off the case in my opinion since I got them to take the Hefele case in 2017.

Now there is a runaway train. THIS case is beyond the power and control of a Sheriff I am and have accused of corruption, who doesn’t deem me worth of answer or the people of this county. Mr. Silent Sheriff who is protecting us from the evil biker hoards and being jacked off by illegal immigrants isn’t very interested. Sammy Citrano isn’t running up there to give a $2K check and make it to the paper with Par contributing to the Cold Case Squad.

No, but Vic Feazell offered to pay for the running of the DNA. Because he’s real. He will tell you he’s had victories and defeats, he’s been right and he’s been wrong, but when he was DA of this county, he investigated the HEFELE case. It was stuck in his head also and the fact that DNA is just sitting there on a nasty cigar offends him as it does me. As it should you.

OR at least spark your interest, which is more than it’s done at the Sheriff’s dept.


Might as well gas up that RV and just go on back to the beach, boys, watch the ship that has sailed without you.

Shame on you both.

Please stop thinking everyone is just plain stupid, that’d be a help.



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