I went to the trouble of trying to file a case against Bernadette Feazell for publishing my address on the internet on a pawn ticket proving I had pawned guns that some say didn’t belong to me. Instead of explaining the $5K gun pawning, I tried to file a Complaint in Travis County all sneaky sneaky on her, cause that’s where I thought she lived after Steve January talked to her on the phone in 2019.

I’ll file on an old crazy woman, I won’t tell the public whether or not those guns were mine, I won’t file my Campaign Finance report online like everyone else, no, you have to go GET IT, that way I know who you are, if I run the DNA on Hefele and it comes back to anyone around here, it’ll hurt me so I won’t do that even though I had the case since 2017.


Four more years of the Peacock Sheriff. Okay, we’re all screwed by your legendary good looks, a few movies, and your name which is snappy. No one ran against you, those pictures of you in the sunglasses all cowboy hot and tough rescuing little oriental girls from our randy men, you just can’t be beat. You’re a Republican, you had the State of Texas just DUMP gambling in your lucky lap and now you’ve got enough toys at home and at the office to have a good time and just not give a damn.

You truly have skated through so much it’s amazing the luck of the Irish you really have.

Parnell and I have been in the same place probably a few hundred times in our lives in Waco. I have NEVER met him and he likes to stand against the wall, a totally non confrontational man, he gets someone else to do it. Which has worked very well except with all the covering up and sucking up, you’ve misjudged the fact that people see through this and you’ve just done the wrong thing one too many times.

You didn’t see the bombshell that was dropping on you in the election of Barry Johnson. Just didn’t see that coming. Had a good thing going on with Abel and all the rest of them, and WHAM!, oopsie, wtf?, the people got rid of Abel because he was so incredibly transparently CORRUPT.

Law enforcement in their eternal quest not to change, especially Parnell who is about as antique as my mother’s Duncan Phyfe sofa just went into a state of his usual denial. Lousy cases got thrown out and Parnell screamed like a Banshee while Barry Johnson just went on plodding through cases, some of which were not able to be prosecuted because of law enforcement mess ups. Get real here.

When the Hefele case gets solved,  no matter who the DNA comes out identifying, the true hero of this 40 year incredible murder is Barry Johnson. 

IF you are reading this site and believe nothing else from Harry believe that statement.

There are no “fixes” in the DA’s office. Barry Johnson may not be able to help you, he will listen to you and tell you the truth. I asked him to look at this case and he did.

I didn’t have to beg, threaten, cajole, kiss ass, or buy a utility vehicle.

Barry Johnson has this quaint idea that he works for the people of McLennan County, go figure.

Parnell wants you to think he is the quiet hero, he’s not, it’s an old illusion and somewhere out there is a young man who’ll lead us out of this bad movie in 4 years.

The quiet hero thinks he’s just doing what’s pretty obvious and his job.

Now the SO has found out that indeed the DA’s office has done the obvious and gotten the DNA running off the shelf. Hmmm. When?

If you watch KWTX’s first interview with Barry Johnson on this case he actually tells you the DNA’s being run, guess they just passed over that, I didn’t.

Party on ole boy for the next four glory filled years, you’re it, you’re the Sheriff, but, believe me, the fun’s gone, people see you.

I have outed you time after time, you don’t respond, don’t have to, well, yet, that is, you thought I was butt stupid too, thought I’d be scared of you and your jail, your charges in the WRONG county, not.

See, Parnell doesn’t know what to do with a woman or person that doesn’t just kiss his boots. Unfortunately, everyone at the SO is now on the verge of retirement and not rocking the boat and just plain nutless to stand up to him.

The Hefele case will be soved and it would never have been solved without Barry Johnson thinking the right thing to do wasn’t any big deal.

That’s the kind of Sheriff you have.

That’s the kind of DA you have, thank goodness.












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