Let’s threaten Bernadette Feazell and pretend we didn’t.


Under the law, listed below, the Internal Affairs Division of the McLennan County Sheriff’s department is directed to turn any and all inquiries about the sitting Sheriff to either the DA’s office or the Attorney General of the State of Texas.

Having Steve January call the author of the complaint is against the Whistleblower Statute no matter that January said, more than once, that this was not a threat.

Sheriff can’t admit he moved Mike McNamara and so to silence me he has Steve January call me and tell me that THEIR investigation of ME interferes with my Complaint against Parnell so their’s is more important.




How stupid are you people?


JUNE 19, 2019
Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs
McLennan County
901 Washington Avenue
Waco, Texas 76701
Dear Internal Affairs,
Enclosed please find unequivocal evidence that Sheriff Parnell McNamara, for his own gain, did pawn guns that did not belong to him at Cash America.  The evidence opens the door to numerous felonious crimes and crimes against the interest of the people of the State of Texas, it is obvious and egregious.
Because this is a request for an investigation of Sheriff Parnell McNamara, I am bound by law to open a complaint with the Internal Affairs Divison of the McLennan County Sheriff’s department, Internal Affairs is then bound by law to turn this matter over to the McLennan County District Attorney’s office or the Office of the Attorney General.
Witnesses, evidence, and other information is available to either the Attorney General’s Office or District Attorney’s Office.
Yours truly,
Bernadette Feazell
1520A Muirifield Bend Road
Hutto, Texas 78634
We have timelines, evidence, and people willing and wanting to talk to law enforcement, however, they like me believe that law enforcement needs an investigation.
Yours truly,
Bernadette Feazell
1520A Murifield Bend Rd.
Hutto, Texas
CC:  Barry Johnson
219 N 6th St #200, Waco, TX 76701
CC:  ATF Dallas
1114 Commerce St Room 303, Dallas, TX 75242
CC:  Ken Paxton
300 W. 15th Street Austin, TX 78701.

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