September 18, 2019

 “Captain Steve January has assured me that the phone call today wasn’t “a threat.”

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Well, well, today Bernadette Feazell received a call from Steve January in the Sheriff’s department. January says that the Internal Affairs Complaints I sent cannot be answered because there is a “conflict of interest,” in other words their case against me takes precedence over my Return Receipt Requested request for an investigation of the Sheriff and the handling of the Lillie Hefele murder, since Johnny Ash is now Sheriff’s big contributor, and Sheriff took David Johnson OFF the case.  OH, January says that Johnson isn’t “part of their cold case squad”, okay, so what’s the point of it all?  Johnson actually did some interviews.  OOOoops?

No, he wouldn’t tell me what they were looking at me about, told me they wanted to talk to me “in person,” however.


Unfortunately, if you look at the date below, June 18th., the 30 day “Answer” is way overdue and I guess it took them this long to figure out how NOT TO DO what the law states.

I told January it isn’t my fault if they don’t read the law, I always send it.

SO, Is Sheriff trying to silence Harry because of moving his dead brother’s body and other things?


Bring it Sheriff’s department, Harry/Bern wants to go to trial, and will be more than happy to sit in jail.

However, that won’t stop another complaint under the WHISTLE BLOWER’S STATUTE going out today.

See what happens when a 70 year old woman says a Sheriff moved his brother’s body?

Here’s the 911 tape just in case you missed it.

Worst kept secret in the entire damned town.

What idiots.



Return Receipt Requested, Sheriff’s office is way past the date, took them this long to try to figure out how to protect the Sheriff and NOT comply with the State of Texas Law. Idiots.

On Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 11:10:31 AM CDT, Bernadette Feazell <> wrote:
Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs
McLennan County
901 Washington Avenue
Waco, Texas 76701
Dear Internal Affairs,
Last year in August I went to see David Johnson at the Sheriff’s department.  I notified David Kilcrease also I wanted to come in and asked them to please tape record me.
It is important to note here that David Johnson taped me that day.
By the time I went to the S.O I already knew that Montea Stewart, Richard Mills, Jay Justice, and Julissa West had also been to the Sheriff’s department about the phone calls and threats they were receiving and the bribe that Richard Mills received by phone and subsequent information pertaining to Abel Reyna and clear bribery not to mention campaign finance report violations by Reyna and also the Sheriff.
I complained because Sherre Johnston, the woman who, if nothing else did the 911 call the day the Sheriff’s brother died, and got several DWI’s etc. had threatened me in writing.
A text containing a tombstone with my name on it, probably/possibly from Felipe Reyna was also a threat, and I had a written threat from Johnny Ash saying something about “Hurting” one of my family members.
I them gave David Johnson a cold case from Ft. Worth.
Report No: 80064819
Victim: Gloria “Lillie” Hefele, 40 years old

Location: 3900 Samson Park
I know that David Johnson actually worked the case because I was contacted by a person Johnson had interviewed and became very excited that indeed my friend’s murder would be solved.
Nothing has been done on the threats to me.
It seems to me that David Johnson, who was not only excited about the murder, AND actively worked on it, was taken off the case by our own Sheriff because the main suspect in the case is one “Johnny Ash”.
I believe it is the same “Ash” that is listed on a recent invitation by our Sheriff as a “host.”
I am hereby asking and demanding a full investigation of this matter and will remind you that under Texas Law, you are bound by , to turn this matter over to the District Attorney’s Office and/or the Attorney General’s immediately.
We have timelines, evidence, and people willing and wanting to talk to law enforcement, however, they like me believe that law enforcement needs an investigation.
Yours truly,
Bernadette Feazell
1520A Murifield Bend Rd.
Hutto, Texas
CC:  Barry Johnson
219 N 6th St #200, Waco, TX 76701


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