If these fools put me in jail for something stupid, and I have my suspicions, please do not bond me, just take care of Frank till I get out.



I am not Sherre Johnston, I can do time in your jail. I have given instructions to all my friends NOT TO BOND ME OUT, call me “sentimental” it’s the Feazell Way.  You are so nutless you got Steve January to call me. I won’t sit it out in the infirmary either, nor will they find xanax in my body cavities, I won’t show up drunk either.

Guess you had to try really hard to find something on me, but everyone sees right through you.

I have NEVER met you. Ever. I got your # way back there.

YOU let your girlfriend threaten me. YOU let Johnny Ash threaten me. Now I’ve done some crime Steve January wants to talk to me about that is so heinous it keeps your Internal Affairs office from adhering to STATE LAW and turning over my REGISTERED COMPLAINT to either the DA or the Attorney General’s office.

Note to dumbshit:   CC: at the bottom, take a look, the AG’s office got it when you did.




FIRST I had to talk to Charlotte, not much to talk to there, she never even listened to the 911 tape so why bother.

If you want me to believe you didn’t move Mike’s body, explain this doozie.


Sherre Johnston got off SIX DWI’s and other things because of blackmail.  Political blackmail between you and her because SHE MADE THE 911 tape and you were the idiot that got her to make it.  Which, in my book makes you unfit for Sheriff on its own.  Stupid.

I figure I put Sheriff’s address up there on some law enforcement site someone sent me that is against the law somewhere, guess they think that’s a big one and I’m scared.

I’m not, I’m mad as hell.

Why don’t you people ever consult your attorney about how stupid you are and what the law is?

Whether you win the next election or not is material to me. I have taken “the ride” before, and won, believe me, the “ride” is still the worst part.

You have just proven how truly gutless, unable to confront anyone, unable to answer questions about moving your own brother, which no one really cares about unless they’re facing jail per your Commandante in the Brotherhood’s phone call.

Indict me. Jail me. Let’s go to trial.

Truly, are you out of your collective minds?






  1. Yeah that’s how they shut ppl up. That’s how they shut me up too. The drug charge I ended up with my boyfriend told me to take the charge but some how he found God and wanted to do the right thing and tell them that he made me take it and they won’t let him take the charge because I have past issues with drugs. Makes me sad that I have to go back to prison for something I didn’t do because I want Justice for my sister and her kids. I think the new da ain’t new at all. They just as crooked. And I think my attorney is on their team. He wants to hire the Baylor rapist to investigate my case. Tell me how crazy that is.

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