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The worst part was waiting around for the parking lot to clear out of all the menfolk.

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Saved two women and didn’t have to arrest one friend this time.

Just save the young women and to hell with the rest of it.  That last time, having to see his old buddies in all manner of undress, probably making girls cry, Sheriff was faced with some tough, mighty tough, problems.  The 300 or more cases just came to a standstill.  BAM!  Yep.  Someone was on a tape that Sheriff felt he had to save from all manner of Waco hell.  So, Sheriff just pretends that never happened,  much like the Season of DALLAS known as “Pam’s Dream.”  Simply didn’t happen.

Now, Parnell doesn’t have to dance around or involve other buddies,  he can go in,  rescue the girls and leave.

Good call.

It’s Spring,  time to kick down doors and rescue whores in Waco.

Recon he thinks we’ve forgotten about those 300 cases?  Naw.  How it may be that he gave those to Abel and somehow they vaporized, or did Barry Johnson get them?

Yep.  Parnell’s campaign slogan, “Riding herd on the lawless,” is in full swing.

Lovin’ it.




WACO, Texas (KWTX) McLennan County deputies rescued two Asian woman who authorities say were victims of human trafficking after serving a search warrant Thursday at a spa in Hewitt.

“We got them out of that situation and to a safe place,” McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara said.

Acting on a tip from a resident, deputies, accompanied by representatives of the group UnBound and several interpreters, served the warrant at around 9 a.m. Thursday at the Rose Spa at 201 Hewitt Dr.

No arrests were immediately made.

“You’d think they learned their lesson but they haven’t. We’re going to keep trying to track them. It’s a sad situation,” McNamara said.



  1. And the head coach of the patriots… gas to stand before ys all.. but lical bankers and bookies are off the hook. This is a problem … every dog has his day.. everyone gets their up-comings.. I’m hoping a couple guys one with a cowboy hat and the other with a McLennan County Sheriff baseball cap are-hearing me.. two different all about “us” dudes . I could be that Ace in the home or the crap out

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