It’s time to take it back

We have allowed our elected public officials to keep secrets, not answer questions, refuse questions from the media under “fake news” and do whatever they wanted to do unchecked.  We have created a class of “Untouchables” and now we pay, boy, do we.

While they’re eating $15 crab waffles over on LaSalle, the rest of the population of Waco gets to pay for all the out of towner “Fixer Upper” excitement and hype.  It’s not Chip and Jo’s fault,  nope,  but the City and County surely do think that this publicity windfall is going to counter the bad publicity of an out of control law enforcement presence, “come on vacation, leave on probation”,  overly religious hypocrisy, Baylor, rapes, cover ups, good deals for the rich, bad deals for the poor.

You the citizen are paying for a dream.  Not a reality.  A dream,  and it’s not your dream,  it’s theirs.  It’s Baylor’s dream,  it’s the City of Waco’s Dream, it’s the County’s Dream town,  it isn’t real.


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Deputies get $2 million in lawsuit settlement, $600,000 from county …

Jul 23, 2014 – McNamara contended that as the newly elected officeholder he had the right to … Get Trib headlines sent directly to you, every day. Facebook · Twitter · SMS · Email; Print; Save. Trial of county, sheriff lawsuit returns to Waco.

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County’s Twin Peaks price tag nears $1 million, still rising | Courts And

Nov 7, 2017 – Carrizal is the first of 154 bikers indicted in the incident to be tried. … From downtown development to the Twin Peaks trial and finding a future …

Lawsuit: Woman files $350 million lawsuit against City of Waco, district

Mar 8, 2017 – A federal civil lawsuit has been filed stemming from the Twin Peaks incident, according to complaint filed Wednesday.
They’ve sent you a bill with a dream number.  Your bad dream, their dream of golf courses, river walks and a future.
Once again,  they’ve overplayed their hand.

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