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Author: Karen


You know if it comes out of any of the mouth’s of the Justice’s it is A LIE.  Those people can’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it.  It is time that they pay for what they have done to Johnnie Sharp. Mary has taken all of her jewelry and has the audacity to wear it to McDonald’s.  Mary we all know that is NOT your jewelry. I can’t understand how the people that eat breakfast with her can stomach to be around such an evil conniving witch. I realize she is a good con-artist but come on, everyone in Waco at this point knows all about the Justice’s. It is topic of conversation in most all places you go. No question that they have been manipulating Miss Sharp since 2014. I can’t understand how professionals have not seen that she has had dementia for YEARS.  Where is APS? Where is the DA? Where is Waco PD? Where is Parnell, he has known about it for years and turns a blind eye? KWTX, KCEN, WFAA, ETC.  all have been made aware.  I guess they are waiting for Johnnie to die THEN they will come with the story. Pretty sad and pretty Sick.  Tick Tock Tick Tock Karma is coming.

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