One of my builders was a sheriffs deputy in Hill County. He was one of the Best detectives around, and was sought after by the Tx Rangers. I have talked about this case with him for the last 9 mos or so. Recently, he asked why no one was doing anything about it. I told him how her son has fought for years, only to continually be ignored, or gone against. How law enforcement keeps telling him there’s nothing they can do; no laws are on the books. That’s ALL agencies, including APS. He about crapped his pants over that! He said if they’re telling everyone that, then they’re lying out their ass and are just plain Lazy! He told me about a high profile case he busted in White Bluff with the designers of the Boeing 747’s widow. He said There’s Laws and Plenty of Them! All you have to do IS LOOK FOR THEM!

And we wonder why Waco and McLennan County are the laughing stock of all other law enforcement and counties?!

Time For New Blood With Spine starting at County Judge, to the Mayor and across All law enforcement agencies! Enough of this good ole boy system that does bare minimum to protect us! WE pay their salaries/ They work FOR us! Vote Them Out!

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