I lived in Acapulco for many years almost twenty years ago. It was starting to get bad when I left. There was a great migration from Nuevo Laredo, and they came South. Now people are leaving by the millions, there is no water, no food, no electricity, the entire city is a total loss. Even the beautiful Acapulco Princess, gone.

Today 13 soldiers were killed by men robbing their trucks of aid to Acapulco.

Two days ago, however, the first AID, the first water, supplies, boxes and boxes, of goods, all from HEB were delivered. The bright red logo HEB was unmistakable.

HEB was the first one to help Acapulco. HEB doesn’t brag or pretend, they’re the real deal.

HEB, you give me tears in my eyes today, through Covid, through everything, and now this.

HEB, you truly rock


In a world where you see Judges give helpless women to non relatives, you have people bend their own morals and laws, HEB is a beacon of hope, at least for me this morning.

Thanks HEB.

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