Chad Justice, the Michael Corleone of the Justice Crime Family, has currently paid off TWO different lawsuits brought by his “investors”, aaah, robbing Peter to pay Paul and using Johnnie Sharp’s money is hell. The Civil Lawyers involved plus the idiot investors ALL know it’s CRIMINAL but just want their money back so they go CIVIL, Chad pays them and the beat goes on making stem cell cream and injectables at the old Big Red Bottling Company.

Judge Vik, gave Johnnie Sharp’s custody to Chad Justice three weeks ago after Chad testified that he had “never” taken money from Johnnie Sharp, and wanted to be her Custodian of Record because “it’s what Miss Johnnie wanted”.

Your 77 year old mom with dementia wants to be the ward and give the decision maker to a 49 year old man who was her neighbor and used to be Brad’s friend.

Today, we are going to spotlight Jay Justice, the and eldest brother, surely not a recipient of Johnnie Sharp’s money either, oh, hell no, he just spends his own money on a $5,000 toy truck he can race at the Stem Cell Cream Plant and Motor Speedway.

I have more evidence in this one post than Sharp’s lawyers, Mabry and Lewis, put on, a courtroom of potential witnesses looked on suspicously, and THIS was before finding out John Lewis’ Bar License was not in effect that day because the fool forgot to pay his Bar dues.

EVERY single person, (man), involved in this, to steal Sawyer’s favorite business name, “Epic”, scandal that the entire town is watching.

Sales of game cameras around Johnnie Sharp’s neighborhood is high and neighbors report a large sighting of plastic owls in nearby trees, doorbell cams record the comings and goings of cops, APS, caregivers, the Sharp family, and, the JUSTICES.

Below is Jay Justice in pictures, his own words, and the way he takes care of someone’s money, we don’t know whose.

We think that the Justices may have a problem with their monetary priorities, but then, it’s not their money, is it.


Another pesky lawsuit against Chad Justice, aging serenading cowboy Scotty Ray Handley, and Frontier Biologics. Sad.

Jay is a convicted felon by the way, click the blue site below, he held a gun to the neck of a minor, it’s good reading. Nice.

John Jay Justice v. The State of Texas Appeal from 19th District Court of McLennan County :: 2019 :: Texas Court of Appeals, Tenth District Decisions :: Texas Case Law :: Texas Law :: US Law :: Justia

Jay blowing off another person interested in Johnnie and the truth. Nice guy.

From Chad who Judge Vik appointed as Johnnie’s Guardian.

Jay Justice, Director of Development

Here is Chad and his buddies flying off to defraud new people

SNAKES ON A PLANE | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

unknown blonde, Scotty Ray Hanley, Cal Marshall, Stacy Rainaldi, Jennifer Branch, Mindy Martin, Chad Justice, Staley Justice, and John Sawyer.


If anybody wants to buy Jay’s house that is located in Robinson on March 7th here is your chance. Don’t stress or be worried about him being homeless because my mom already helped him, and his girlfriend Cassie buy a new place in Downsville. I have attached some pictures for those interested that I got a few months ago from an anonymous person. This isn’t months of this house getting this way. This is how they lived. This was confirmed by law enforcement. There was also a child living in the home in these conditions.

I will continue to expose all the LIARS and THIEVES below for what they have done to my mom and for what they have done to my family! NOT GONNA STOP! My Mom deserves to spend her remaining years surrounded by her REAL family and friends who love her unconditionally!

Hmmm, doesn’t seem like they take care of their stuff.

Oh, well, Jay is 30K behind in child support, just got his house foreclosed on, somewhere along the line he got a NEW house, and he bought himself a new toy truck with the FRONTIER BIOLOGICS LOGO on the side to play with on the weekends when they turn the stem cell cream plant into a motor speedway.

He doesn’t take care of his kid, or his house, but he buys some gawdamned toy truck, makes as much sense as putting vanity lights on your fkn Jeep, right?

I wonder where Jay gets HIS money to burn? Hmm.

This shit is so wrong.


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