Well, I tried.

For those of you who and believe that Our Sheriff for Life moved his dead or dying brother who was shacked up in the American Inn with the Assistant Fire Chief’s Wife, Sherre Johnston, probably, at least until Monday morning, believed that “Lightening Doesn’t Strike Twice:”, well, you, like me’d be wrong.

Here goes. I Gary Allen Baker, the “son in law” of Parnell McNamara, except he’s not, never married Mandy, anyway, died Sunday afternoon either in a motel or an apartment with a twenty two year old Baylor girl.


AGAIN? Yes, again.

“Overdose”, or whatever, Gary Allen Baker’s body was NOT autopsied, nope. Someone must have pulled a few strings and got a JP and perhaps a physician to sign off on it.

If you remember, Pete Petersen, “last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it”, the JP signed off on Mike McNamara dying at the BELLMEAD WALMART. Oops. It was the Longhorn Steakhouse grassy knoll by Walmart. Petersen never went there, I suspect.

Now, we have a GO FUND ME for Beau’s funeral called an “event” in the obit. Wonder why Par can’t divvy up some funds to help his daughter?

One thing’s for sure, if YOU or I died in similar circumstances our body’d be trekking over to Dallas Forensics.

Look, I feel for the kids, the sort of wife, okay, I do, but I have been reminded that this isn’t about that, this is about the lengths our elected officials will go to mae their families look good and big Christian, when it’s not so and they create their own stories at the expense of the law and what would happen to the rest of us.

The rest is below, you’ve got a lengthy HOT message from a reader below.

I am not a nice person, why start now?


SHERIFF’S SON IN LAW OUT IN 30 120 DAY SENTENCE NO PROBLEM | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

GARY ALLEN BAKER PICKED UP BY DAILYADVENT.COM…..STORY | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

Dear Harry,

I have been reading you for a very long time. I find your stories to be funny and informative the fact that you really do not care who your stories may offend or how politically correct you are is a treat for me. However, I am more than a little shocked and quite frankly disappointed that you have not printed the fact that Parnell McNamar’s son in law/grandchildren’s baby daddy was found dead somewhere other than his home and allegedly with a woman that was NOT Parnell’s daughter (aka grand babies mama). The gentleman’s name is Gary Baker you can see his death announcement at the Lakeshore Funeral home site. I am sure a complete obituary will follow at some point, maybe after the family has a good solid story to put out there for the public. We all know that the story they will tell will not look bad on the “family”!

No mention of the alleged drug and alcohol use by said Gary Baker, or the fact that Gary Baker has done jail time and was NOT charged with assaulting two deputies while in the McLennan County jail. Now if that was any old ordinary citizen, we would all be under the jail, just a perk of being in the “family” I suppose. Again, thank you for all you do! Keep up the good work. Sincerely Concerned Citizen


  1. Any body cam footage? I bet you’ll find blue”boner” pills in his possession.

    I’ll ask the “8 Ball” for guidance.

    Stay on it Harry.

  2. Gary Allen Baker, the baby daddy of Mandy McNamara’s two children, and Parnell’s “son in law” died sometimes on Monday afternoon at a motel or the apartment of a twenty two year old Baylor girl. No autopsy. All quiet. Obviously, someone got another JP to sign off on this, shades of Mike McNamara. Anyway, I didn’t write about it at first then some of my snarkier readers started shaming me over it so I wrote about it. I have requests sent off to the WACO PD etc. for the 911 calls and reports. Just more pretending to be oh, so holy when it’s not that way. Also, Baker was let out of jail early and not charged with beating up two jailers, so he’s had favoritism. They just never learn that the cover up is worse than the “event”. Hoped that helped, I have a feeling this week will be a rocky ride too. Thaks for reading.

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