Even Google calls him a “transporter” of prisoners. Not a Marshall. The Marshall was Daddy not Par and not Mike. Nope.

Phoney as a three dollar bill

Fri, Jul 28 at 9:51 AM

Dear Harry, 

I know how extremely busy you are, so I wanted to share a little information that might help the wonderful people that read your Blog. This should be helpful for the people that think the US Deputy Marshalls are Mat Dillion. They are NOT. My understanding is that when Parnell and Mike went to work for the Marshall Service they were appointed by their daddy. At the time that they were appointed they did NOT have to be certified law enforcement officers. This would be why when Parnell was elected Sheriff of McLennan County, he was required to take the TCOLE (Texas Commission of Law Enforcement) certification test that was allegedly taken by one deputy at the sheriff department Chris Eubank online with a proctor from same sheriff department assisting with the “Test Taking”.  That information out of the way moving on. US Deputy Marshalls are assigned to “protect” the Federal Courts in Waco, so they are in fact Federal Bailiffs. They also transport prisoners from one place to another, this would be why you saw Parnell and Mike with Kenneth Allen McDuff. They were picking him up to be brought back to Texas after a co-worker in Kansas recognized him and called the police!!! As much as Parnell would like to have the voters of McLennan County believe that he rode in on his big ole horse and saved the day that is just NOT correct! He has ridden the coat tail of his family name for years he is NOT Mat Dillon and never has been. He likes to deceive his elderly voter base into thinking he is. He told a group of church ladies they could shoot someone in their yard! This is NOT correct; we cannot have elderly ladies out here shooting meter readers, and Church of the Latter-Day Saints followers trying to spread the word because Parnell said so. Please help me educate the voter of McLennan County. Thank you for letting me vent Harry keep up the GOOD work. The Waco Texas US Marshals Service, located in Waco, TX, is a branch location of the federal law enforcement agency of the U.S. court system. The U.S. Marshal in charge of the Waco U.S. Marshal Service Office oversees a teamof Deputy Marshals and Criminal Investigators. The mission of the U.S. Marshals is to provide security from judicial officials and witnesses, manage McLennan County federal prisons and prisoner transportation, and conduct fugitive search operations. You may contact the US Marshals Service for questions about:McLennan County criminal recordsFederal fugitives and felony warrantsBackground checks in McLennan County, TXMcLennan County Witness Protection ProgramUS Marshal Service auctions


  1. Is there any truth to the rumors of Par’s throat cancer and multiple surgeries and that he might not live until election?

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