Waco PD, Waco PD, just a bunch of rugged individualists without leadership rogue dog killing, invent a crime Keystone Cops it seems.

THIS is a Motion set forth by Seth Sutton’s formidable attorney, Clint Broden.

This is Clint Broden, just looks like a little sweet marshmallow nerdy guy, right? HE will fuck you up. He is his own self contained machine of a man. He does not “play with his food”, capish?

If your lawyer isn’t afraid of him, get another lawyer.

It is fifteen pages, don’t miss a one of them either, the ATTACHMENT below is just amazing.

You just thought you knew the story, hell, I just thought I knew the story.

If this is true, you can kiss the case against Sutton “goodbye” and if this is true, so be it.

We have the Justices bilking Johnnie Sharp, we have non FDA approved stem cell cream and a Ponzi scheme, we have a Sheriff who accepted 426K from out of State people AND stem cell cream fraudsters. We have another old man, Marlin Earley, another neighbor of the Justice crime family in his eighties investing in the Ponzi scheme and law enforcement does nothing.

However, they’ll let a party cop just go after people and create a crime? Well, just call them “Scaramucci”, he creates crimes too.

We have crime, we have the JUSTICES, but all law enforcement just is dying to create something really BIG out of not to damned much when you read below.

What the actual fuck?

When are you going to get mad with Harry?

When will the City of Waco get a REAL police chief that has balls enough to get the entire “rogue” bunch to stop shooting dogs and trying to create something that doesn’t exist?

See what you think.

Talk about time to stop and ponder. Harry sure as hell has.

Although I still think the “Red Mouse Club” name is just fodder for ridicule no matter what, sorry.

Get mad.


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