Pretty obvious that MUCKROCK.COM the service that gets me the Public Information Requests and fights each and every Attorney General’s Opinion FOR ME, has obviously read the information contained in the requests, which is more than one can say for Parnell McNamara, oh, yeah, he can’t log on, silly me. Here is the Waco Police Department Offense Report on McNamara’s “son in law” Gary Allen Baker. What it doesn’t show you is the assault on TWO jailers he committed later on in the evening after he was booked in, no charges on that, the jailers just had to gut up, after all, it’s the baby daddy son in law of Big Par so, getting your head bashed in along with another jailer, just another day at the Par Beach. The videos will be up soon, that should be fun. Notice where Baker and his buddy had a rented motel room right by the bar. Hmmm.

mclennan county da’s office gary baker – Opera News (

mclennan county da’s office gary baker

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