I am not sure that if you run from the cops and this is the way you die, if it’s really as “deserved” as what some commenters on KWTX wrote. “Beware the man in which the urge to punish is too great”.

Parnell, your Sheriff of Death these days, unsympathetically let us know his large prostate and testicular opinion of “he needed killin'”, nice…………………can’t wait till they kill someone WHITE from a Legacy family whose roots go back to the 1800’s. That and only that will make this change, but they don’t kill white rich kids. Nope, not yet. In fact, if you die in a hottub WITH a rich kid, Sirbasqu (sp) that’s okay too. The guy who was with you goes on to a rehab in Smithville and is a county rehabilitation “success”, and in the paper too.

I threw up a little in my mouth on that.

Well, guess you showed him.

Where are the videos? Where are the answers? Hell, where are the QUESTIONS?

Hey, Pat Miller, I noticed you’re black, ex DPS, where do you stand on this? What do you think about High Speed Chases? Oh, you don’t even return your phone calls do you?


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