A 32 year old man was going the wrong way down 17th. street, who hasn’t get real, Deputy James Robison pursued at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. Deputy Robison was on his radio the entire time and could be heard yelling, “Rollover, rollover, rollover” on the scanner, the SO scanner, not the inter city one you’ve heard on Brent McCain’s report.

So, Deputy Robison, fresh from getting over hitting and killing a 24 year old mother on May 7th. just goes for it on this high speed chase.

Your Sheriff of Death says that Kelvon Hubert deserved what he got because he ran from the Deputy.

Black men run from law enforcement. Hell, I avoid them and don’t drive, I know better.

So, Sheriff Parnell McNamara hopes you all learn your lesson from this.

Especially you black men driving a car immediately identified as a non white person’s car, betcha.

WE truly hope you all learn your lessons from this video.

We are all amazed at how quickly Deputy Robison got over hitting a woman just two months earlier.

We are amazed at how many comments on KWTX said this was a-otay.

Stay with Harry, we have the story, we have the questions, we print what we’ve got, you decide.

THIS could have been avoided, but, hey, Parnell don’t care, and Deputy Robison, well, he’s the Honeybadger of mental health.


This writer lost a 37 year old son through misadventure in another country. Couldn’t bring him back to say goodbye.

There will be no open coffin, no goodbye or closure for this family.

Parnell proudly says there will be no investigation either.

Your Sheriff for Life.

“America’s Sheriff”


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