Remember Sunday when Harry wrote and asked for help from the public in finding out what happened on I35 and Moonlight Drive?

Remember all the officers trying to get the PUBLIC to stop filming? This, by the way, never makes YOU look honest, just sayin’.

Now your Secret Embalmer going under the oxymoron of Citizens of McLennan County for Justice (I have to stop and throw up in my mouth here), is back up calling me “the blogger”, guess he can’t spell my name, it is 10 letters.

Well, the public doesn’t trust you. Nope. It trusts a man that doesn’t even exist, Harry Storm.

That’s how far you and your gestapo of hell has fallen.

I am getting MORE and more on the fiasco you brushed off and, as usual, won’t investigate.

You killed the wrong man this time, Par.

Your Honey Badger in a car, James Robison, well, his brothers in law enforcement are rather uncomfortable with the events of Saturday night. Some of them are actually honest and good cops. Hope they avoid going to work for you.

You got ass kissers, I’ll give you that, the kind of people you like, those who don’t question you.

Cough up the scanner, cough up the records, all you can do is cover more sh*t than my cats.


  1. I know you check these before posting. I read it.
    I got framed – by SGT Keith McManus – you wrote about Margaret Moore helping Parnell out of a jam and the rangers covering it up.
    I lost my medical career to good ole boy (limp dick travis county sheriff’s in precinct 4.
    They let two fbi snitches go.
    The county is burying evidence (I have)
    It’s everyone including Paxton stopping DPS from investigating.
    TWO FBI snitches framed Steve Stockman – then tried to frame me.
    Keith McManus – the guy who planted evidence on the 79 year old you wrote about – and the waco cat lady keith mcmanus
    called me a ‘poisoner’ – I knew the guy he lied to.
    I lost a medical career
    I stopped the FBI snitch from running for mayor of cedar park – he came back and ran again for 2nd seat city council because sheriff hernandez and the sherriff’s aren’t any better than Parnell.

    I have a bribe offer from sheriff keith mcmanus to me
    I traced it using the IP address in the email – to the DA’s office of travis county texas 314 w 11th street
    I have sheriff hernandezs’ secretary Robert Speers informing me via her county letterhead – bribes and calling people poisoners are SOP’s = psychological operation
    and attempt to discredit the target – isolate the target and – keep them from support groups aka work (I got fired after they lied to my boss during COVID)
    1. the cat lady – SOP – she was a psychotic – skinned cats
    2. I was a poisoner
    3. Cody Wilson – was a pedophile –
    Travis county – a one trick pony – but effective.

    You any interest in putting this out there- I’ll never see justice (whatever that means anymore)
    But you reach people – who vote.
    Vote smarter I’m canadian – and Texas is giving my life to illegals Travis County helps with that. That’s sick
    I’m 53 – starting over – getting a job that pays – it’s not easy
    I got run out of the state – I’m in Florida – when judges take runs at you to cover up election fraud by fbi snitches – you don’t get to enjoy texas.

    Gregg McPhedrain

    1. You’re up on the blog, McManus was just the pawn of our Sheriff and the idiot Texas Rangers, all in the WRONG county, no one caught it, all are idiots. Oh, and lazy.

      1. Lolol he was an active participant w me. . Bob running 2x being a snitch who framed Steve Stockman exposed politicians in Williamson an Travis county. Gonzalez is a legacy judge. His daddy was a supreme judge. Thanks ‘harry’. You help people. I save 1.4 million voters 2x. But man, politics is a contact sport. Who knew.

    1. bob who NEVER PROVIDED INTEROGATORRIES and had the judge throw a case – was charged with campaign finance abuse charges because he’s an FBI SNITCH and had an FBI snitch lawyer – who lied about me and tried to steal 85000 dollars in false prosecution and obstruction – says wha….?
      how about JVCV16001410 where you filed 32+ false charges bob – against me JVCV16001410
      I TOOK YOUR DAD TO ‘his death sentence’ an old folks home – while you’re hateful ass left him to die because you didn’t take him in where did you bob? You’re the victim – you filed false affidavit of residencies 2018 bob – you lied 2020.. hahahhaha
      I drove – because bob was so poor he didn’t have an apartment or a car – and his crimes were why he couldn’t and wouldn’t take care of his dad he paid to stay out of jail for his raketeering.
      so – I’m sorry – bob – why don’t you read my 2023 book – Traitors Treason and Texans
      ‘harry’ – I prove fbi snitch Bob – runs for office 2016-2020 – in williamson country along with ben wetmore – james o’keefe’s husband who ran for office in hays county 2018 – and then I (to be a dick) expose how the FBI used ben to entrap O’keefe to get control of project veritas and mcmanus frames me and the waco cat lady with SOP’s – oh… leading back to the travis county DA’s office – and the sheriff and judge gonzales precinct 4 trying to frame me 2020… during covid and during the waco cat lady time period…
      I’m that pissed
      so I may need a defense attorney worth shit – if you know one lololol

      Seriously bob – the book is being edited while you pretend you’re still a viable company worth hiring – Clinton Iowa Ben and Bob – are why you’re not worth shit to hire- that story is awesome and damning isn’t it… lololol fellas you f’d up bad when you f’d me.

      1. Finding a good lawyer, also very difficult. Where are you? In Austin? Gerry Morris is an excellent attorney in Austin.

  2. harry – ‘traitors treason and texans’ – coming out 2023 (hugs) you’re saving texas

      1. traitors treason and texans 1000 broken laws (is coming) I wrote a book about my time in texas.
        I lost everything got falsely arrested and stopped election fraud by fbi snitches in the end…
        I fought travis county to a draw which is more than daniel perry can sadly say they screwed him.
        I call out the da’s office corruption and the people using their own emails words and arrest warrants lolol – if I had a law degree this would have been easier and I wouldn’t have made some mistakes – but new mexico left a meth head in a jail cell to kill me over a t-shirt design. three words – another person dead APD (albuquerque police department) damn they killed 28 people not me – you think they would expect criticism lololol then this happened in texas (I’m not coming back) you have fun – I’ll take pot shots watching volleyball girls in florida sipping on rum.
        takeaway the corruption is out of control
        the da’s and texas bar don’t want oversight nor have it but need it from the state level
        the texas bar association is the criminal cartel of texas
        and law is what they let you have
        (funny puerto rico never has these issues – and ted cruz said they were to corrupt to be a state lolololllololol
        the canadian

      2. They do whatever they want to do and there’s nothing it seems anyone can do to stop them. I hope you don’t live in Texas anymore. Run like the wind my friend, run.

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