Obviously, the Sheriff’s department is patrolling the City of Waco now and has been for a good while. The recent death of a pedestrian by Deputy James Robison was inside the city limits of Waco, AND when the recent high speed chase ending in another death with the SAME deputy involved, well, that began with a wrong way on 17th. street.

IF we are down 90 deputies and they’re patrolling the City of Waco, who the hell is guarding the county and WHY do we need the PD if we have SO in the city limits?

In reallity and with sources, the Waco Police Department has remained silent but they are tired of having to “clean up” after the SO and because these things occur within the city limits SO leaves them to “write it up”.

Waco PD is very tired of SO also.

Ask Chief Victorian what the hell is going on and why do we need the PD when our Sheriff of Death has got us ALL protected without them??


A Conversation with Chief Sheryl Victorian (mclennan.edu)

City of Waco, Texas – Official Site (waco-texas.com)

Join Waco Police Chief Sheryl Victorian for a discussion on gender, race, innovative policing, and the challenges of being an African-American woman in a male-dominated profession.


  1. She’s a diversity hire, if you expect anything else you’re crazy. She wants electric patrol cars for God’s sake, and everyone close to Par-par knows how he feels about peoples of color. Doomed until the Grim Reaper shows up.

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