Vote for Aubrey Robertson, no bullshit, no Parnell to suck up to in the future, nobody’s baby, AND just wrote and corrected me which I fully appreciate and stand corrected.

WHY Johnson does the stuff he does, I have no idea. When I ask, and boy, I’ve asked, I get the run around, cute story from back when and a man who should have run for Daddy’s Judgship instead of DA. You can be lukewarm and try to get along with everyone if you’re a Judge, a DA doesn’t have that luxury.

By the way I have never met or talked to Aubrey Robertson in my life, in case you wondered.

Johnson loved hiring and rehiring assistants thinking they “knew what they were doing”, which was good because he certainly didn’t.

Johnson “makes nice” and says it was a mutual decision and yaddie yaddie bullshit, but that’s all Johnson’s got.

The entire hiring smacked of desperation on the part of Johnson who has no claim to fame case he won, no memorable speeches, he beat Abel and that’s about it.

Barry Johnson didn’t take bribes for DWI’s and there weren’t any calls to defendants asking for $15K to make their “legal problems” go away. I once wrote a story asking (myself) if honesty was enough. Honesty would have been enough if we didn’t have a corrupt courthouse, so that’s that.

Johnson continues to bullshit and talk double talk where Robbie Robertson tells it like it is.


Johnson should have walked in and fired the entire place in my opinion, but, he didn’t.

Recently, Johnson, who knows better AND knows that a Ranger’s WIFE works for Parnell and is the third highest paid employee in the Sheriff’s department, took a Complaint that stated 91K is missing from the evidence locker at S.O, to the Texas Rangers.


Sorry, how stupid can you be?

THAT was it for Harry. IT.

Harry picked a lane, and stayed in it, thank you not going back for more incompetence and bullshit.

Johnson’s go along and get along approach lost him the election.

That “High Road” he decided to travel lost him an election by the largest margin since Harwell beat Rex Phillips. We feel sure that Rex Phillips, wherever he is cosmically, is grateful as he, at least knew what getting your ass beat by that much meant.

Aubrey Robertson tells the truth, mealy mouth Johnson, does not. The man is totally lost.

Johnson’s office lost a case to a black defendant who represented himself after dragging a Waco policeman with his car in some botched arrest. The guy defended himself and won. Get real here.

Johnson and his entire office has been the “B” Team since inception. The only time we even hear from Johnson is his glowing bullshit about people like Tom Needham and the guy from Belton who were supposed to be powerhouses. Now gone.


Ever. I told him this on at least 2 occasions and not nicely either.

Didn’t matter. Johnson was NOT a trial lawyer, not a manager, not a speaker, just a blip in the History of the county.

A gawddamned shame and I have been let down. The truth has been let down.

By bullshit.

Can you tell I am mad?


DA hopeful Aubrey Robertson fired less than two weeks after taking first assistant DA job | Local Govt. and Politics |


DA hopeful Aubrey Robertson fired less than two weeks after taking first assistant DA job

Aubrey Robertson, the Democratic nominee for McLennan County district attorney, was fired by current DA Barry Johnson on Wednesday morning. The news comes less than two weeks after Johnson announced Robertson would be joining his staff as first assistant DA to help tackle the large number of pending cases at the courthouse.

RobertsonRod Aydelotte, Tribune-Herald

Johnson, a first-term Republican who lost the GOP primary in March to Josh Tetens, said Robertson left by “mutual agreement” in order to focus on his campaign.

“He is no longer with us as of this morning,” Johnson said. “First assistant DA is a 24/7 job. It is difficult, if not impossible to run a campaign while serving as first assistant DA. We tried it, but it just didn’t work out.”

However, Robertson said he was called into a meeting Wednesday morning with Johnson and other officials from Johnson’s office.

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  • Robertson said he was told he had upset people and caused too much chaos in the office with changes he had made, and was given two options: It could be announced that Robertson had been fired, or announced that Robertson was leaving by his own accord to focus on his campaign.

Robertson said he left that decision up to Johnson.

“I told Barry he’s the criminal district attorney, and he can say whatever he wants to say,” Robertson said. “It was absolutely not mutual. I can absolutely run the office as first assistant and run a campaign.”

Robertson said his firing came one day after Johnson had told Robertson he was impressed by the work Robertson was doing.

Robertson said he is not too fazed by the firing, as it is not the first time he has been fired by a lame duck DA. Abel Reyna fired Robertson in March 2018, shortly after losing the Republican primary to Johnson. Robertson said his 2018 firing was for “ruffling people’s feathers.”

“Now, I have been fired by the two worst district attorneys in this county: Abel Reyna and Barry Johnson,” Robertson said.

Robertson said Johnson’s office was “in distress” and had a “frightening” level of disorganization.

“I didn’t realize how much of a disaster it was,” Robertson said. “The individual prosecutors who go into the court every day, they are working incredibly hard. But the people at the top have no earthly idea what they’re doing.”

Robertson said part of the disorganization he sees includes a capital murder case that was assigned to an inexperienced prosecutor, a large number of unfiled cases and people sitting in jail without having been indicted.

“Barry’s heart is in the right place, but he has been getting bad advice from day one from his former first assistant,” Robertson said. “Due to his own lack of experience as a prosecutor, he was never able to grab ahold of the reins of that office and do what needed to be done.”

Robertson said he attempted to make a series of changes when he started as first assistant, including creating an office organizational chart, reassigning murder cases to experienced prosecutors and recentralizing the intake process.

Robertson said one complaint against him was lodged by a legal assistant upset about being moved to a different position.

“I was going to move this individual to another position in the office. However, she didn’t like that,” Robertson said. “So she went and talked to her friend. I mean, it’s like ‘Mean Girls.’ There’s a clique of four girls. And if you cross them, they have Barry wrapped around their finger. And he does what they say.

“Barry is trying to protect his friends. And if you’re not in that clique, then you are subject to be fired at any moment.”

Johnson vehemently denied that his office is disorganized, and said his office is running well.

“That’s not true, and he knows that,” Johnson said. “The office is running well. We are trying to get as many cases done as possible, by either trial or plea deal.”

Josh Tetens, Robertson’s opponent in the upcoming November election, said the events surrounding Robertson’s hiring and firing show exactly why he wanted to run for DA.

“This type of inconsistency is another example of why I decided to run for District Attorney and why I was able to win more than 70% of the vote in the Republican Primary,” Tetens said by email. “This is also why I have garnered so many endorsements within our justice community and why we will be victorious in November. I am ready to get to work restoring integrity and a sense of justice to this important office.”

Robertson said he does not expect this firing to have much of an effect on his campaign.

“I have nothing but respect for my opponent, Josh Tetens,” Robertson said. “I think he’s an honorable man, a good lawyer and a great father. And after what I’ve witnessed with Barry Johnson in the last seven days, either one of us is going to be a great improvement for the citizens of McLennan County.”

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