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  1. Don’t fret, AC, she’s already out. I heard shoplifting at the Walmart, wtf can you steal for 750 or above, I’d personally go for the ribeyes. I have a fifty inch tv that cost about two hundred so you have me puzzled also. Jewelry? It was four in the afternoon when she was booked in so your guess is as good as mine. The only justice we have is putting their mugshots up here and laughing at them ’cause you know nothing will happen. It’s some minor shoplifting shit anyway, just funny because these folks think they are so much better than the rest of us, and so rich. Also, there’s that getting away with it factor time after time. Anyway, now that Sherre’s out of commission Nikki got a lot of play in Indonesia today for some reason. Just funny as hell, no?

  2. Well if you follow her on Fb you’ll know she’s definitely okay with freeing people from their wrong doing considering she’s constantly posting about #freebrittney griner 🙄 can’t fix stupid

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