Vic Feazell will be smiling all through YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE and his cronies depositions. Law School 101 Feazell will be walking into LIES on TV from the get go.


Attorney Vic Feazell has been retained by a member of Maddison Lasseter’s family in a potential Wrongful Death Lawsuit against the County.

It should be noted at this point that Feazell has never lost a case in trial.

If you remember, the deputy, James Robison was “on a call to Lorena”, well, that’s what they said but, Lorena says it is not true. If you remember within just a few minutes, the news said that ole Dave Kilcrease said that it was “suicide”.

We feel sure that Feazell will be asking a few questions about how ole Dave knew this so quickly and how a 24 year old MOTHER would want or entertain the idea of death by I35 when she had a 2 year old and a 4 year old.

Feazell will also get that dashcam video the City and County have tried, so hard to protect, to the extent of WRITING THE FAMILY and asking them to refuse its release to an interested blogger and other members of the community who find the story, a bit failing in veracity.

So, obviously, Kilcrease and “the ranks” will protect this Deputy who, interestingly enough NEVER tells the 911 operator that this is an “Officer involved accident”, or that HE hit the pedestrian. Nope. WHY? Chances are Feazell will be findilng out.

IF any accident had questions, is this one. When your law enforcement officers LIE from the get go…………”on a call to Lorena”…………..”she committed suicide”…………it should make everyone more than a bit suspicious.

It should also be noted that when Par got sued by the deputies he FIRED for no reason when he took office, the case was SETTLED right AFTER Charlotte’s deposition.

Obviously, our Sheriff for Life, and his Palomino riding cheerleader, Char, have a different view on honesty, accountability, lying under oath, and a few other things than we do.

Tick Tock Par … Dave …. Robison …. and a few others.

Dashcam time, boys.


Woman hit by Sheriff’s deputy identified | KWKT – FOX 44 (fox44news.com)

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Police identify Waco woman struck and killed by McLennan County Sheriff’s deputy responding to call (kwtx.com)

MCSO FATALITY ACCIDENT QUESTIONS DEMAND ANSWERS | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (immadtooharry.com)

McLennan Co SO Fatality Accident – YouTube

THIS is the cruiser that hit the MOTHER OF TWO CHILDREN, a 24 year old woman, not a wall, not a huge animal, a woman. HOW fast was this Deputy going when he hit her? Notice his first thought was to LIE and say he was on a call to Lorena. One has to suppose he was driving too fast when he hit her, at least that’s what it looks like to me……………or else they don’t make cruisers OR cattle guards on your cruisers like they used to.

Here’s Char after freshly getting hair extensions, maybe Par likes pigtails on his girls? Recon?

After Char’s deposition with Don Tittle, well, the County attorney settled the case with the fired deputies for $3 million dollars.


  1. Well this could get very interesting. I can’t wait!! Maybe they should be careful who they talk about could come back and bite them in the a$$. Trash talking Vic and you on their website might not have been the smartest move. ahahahahahaha

    1. They’re idiots. Vic will chew them up and spit them out. He will have a timeline, experts, body cam, dash cam, and the deputy does not sound very upset or contrite to me in that 911 call. He never says it’s an officer involved accident. Lies. Thank goodness Kilcrease got himself in there……perhaps Feazell will get to the bottom of those Kilcrease rumors of possible alcohol abuse and domestic violence, maybe he’ll ask what prescriptions Kilcrease is taking………..naughty rumors. One thing for sure, they’ll never forget the eperience.

    1. Too bad Smith Thomasson’s not around to tell them all what being questioned by Vic is like. The whole thing feels bad to me, lying in the get go about a call from Lorena is not the best way to start off in my book. WHY can’t they be honest?? Instead of sending the to recognizing a virgin seminars perhaps they should go to some seminars teaching them what a lawyer can do with a lie. Answering a call to Lorena and getting that printed and on four news stations…..not cool unless true and it wasn’t. Notice they didn’t walk a thing back. Parnell doesn’t care what he costs the county anyway, why should he? It won’t be fun or pretty…………they’re just so stupid.

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