Frances Bartlett, Auditor, note to self: Follow the money………..

Due to the shortage of oriental virgins in Bellmead this Summer, and the absence of Joe Scaramucci who seems to be backpacking and saving virgins in Italy and other countries, the Sheriff’s deputies just this week took a huge amount of METH off the streets.


I know that Harry is a snarky bitch but truly, thank you. Our kids have more chance of doing meth than they do talking to some ugly ass pervert from Philly. Joe Scaramucci is the expert, after all, at talking baby talk and girl talk to perves on the internet and liking it. It’s his claim to fame and then there’s that 400K that they won’t account for because it’s a “sensitive” secret thing. Of course, that’s cool with everybody, the auditor and the commissioners.

The only pesky thing about this is the 4,000 bucks that they also seized in this bust.

See, they don’t have to account anymore for their EVIDENCE LOCKERS and the seized money.

There is $91K missing from when Larry Lynch was Sheriff, sure enough, $91K, Auditor couldn’t find it, neither could our DA. When urged by people with common sense and fortitude but no power Johnson turned the missing money over to the Rangers over at the Texas Ranger Hall of Shame for THEM to investigate.

Since Par and the Rangers HERE, and probably everywhere else, are more than tight, Par pays the big salary to the lucky MRS of one of the Rangers so it works out well.

Anyway, this money is supposed to go from the evidence locker to the auditor, to the DA and a separate bank account established for when the case is over.

THAT is the law.

Of course, that’s not the law anymore at the Home office of America’s Crooked Sheriff for Life, Parnell McNamara.

Please continue to bust people for meth and stuff that has meaning HERE, please stop importing out of State perverts here. You are inventing crime and, frankly, we already have it.

Would someone wake up our 150K a year auditor, Frances Bartlett?

Thank you deputies with a brain for your courage and for your common sense, Thank you for getting this shit and the peddlers off the street.


McLennan County Sheriff’s Office arrests suspects during drug busts (

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office have arrested five suspects after seizing large quantities of drugs.
Deputies stopped a vehicle July 14 where around 6.5 pounds of of methamphetamine and over $4000 in US currency.
Maria Avila Ramirez, 31, Julie Ann Avila, 32, Laris Penaloza Molina, 22, and Felix Morales Virelas, 36, were arrested and charged with manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance over 400 grams.
Deputies also stopped a vehicle and conducted a subsequent search where around 26 pounds of methamphetamine.

Juan Manuel Medellin-Hernandez, 46, was arrested and charged with manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance over 400 grams.
The combined weight of the seizures was 14.74 kilograms an estimated street value of around $442,000.
The seizures remains under investigation.
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