Gerhardt Hefele, Lillie’s really cute but lethal husband was from Germany. A living doll, the personality of ten. He had the cutest little accent and pronounced “G’s” and “J’s” with “CH”, it was so much fun to make him say stuff, well, until the stripper from SHOWTIME, “CHANE”, i.e.
“Jane”. She’s still around btw and probably still has Lillie’s ring which was taken off her sweet dead fingers and then given by that Prince, Gerry, to the stripper soon after the body was cold.

Now, Gerry watches and is forced to read me. It’s so cute, the GREAT UNSAID.

See, WordPress files WHERE you are.

When Par and Char went on their EUROPEAN VACATION and Israel to the Wailing Wall, a “2” tracked their hits on my blog automatically. Guess they can sue WordPress for stalking.

Everytime Gerry reads Harry, I get a “hit” from Germany. This morning, Gerry said, “HI” rather early.

You do not need DNA in this case, you need to interview a few people, one in particular and you have it.

Of course, this isn’t going to happen because we have idiots in charge, however, it’s my job to make fun of them and let them know we see them and they suck.

They will also probably “win”, whatever that means at this point, they’re whiney fat Narcissists so nothing really makes them happy except birthday parties and skiing trips and being the center of attention. Much like Captain January and Alice, used to be.

So, Cherry, I see you. Why don’t you give us a call and get it off your chest, you’re an old man. You know we know and have for a long time.

Of course, I don’t really know WHO you’d call…….you can always write me. I know you have to be scared. Nothing will happen to you, believe me, they’re too inept, but perhaps you have a story to up here so know I’m willing.

We know who did this, we know you didn’t pull the trigger.

Stay tuned, Cherry, or write me and out “Chonny”.


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