Well, ain’t it great. After hearing the situation with Brad Sharp, his mother and spending an entire July with the “Jeep Club” and Felipe Reyna wanting to be the Grand Master of a suicide prevention parade WITH a dunking booth, I figured pretty quickly that Par was far up the butt of not only Felipe Reyna, but also, the Justice family.

I saw the check written by Brad’s dead dad and other things and proudly told them that I was sure Barry Johnson would help them.

That was 2017 I believe and here we are. Par’s worse, much worse, and Barry Johnson, well, I could just cry.

Years ago I wrote the nearest thing I ever wrote back then about him called “Barry Johnson, is Honesty Enough”, after all, he wasn’t calling people asking for $15K to “make your legal troubles go away”, and I wondered if I should be happy with that and NOT BITTERLY FUCKING DISAPPOINTED that the Sharps had nowhere to go and were dismissed by the DA.

Was honesty enough?

Gawddamnit, no, it wasn’t and it isn’t.

Justice for some, official oppression for others, and the unspoken yet pervading promise that “Josh Tetens is going to fuck you up when he gets in because he owes me because me and Char got his ass elected”, which I don’t believe.

Parnell and his boys are out of control with their treatment of the public, their treatment of one another, and YOUR MONEY, you can blame Chip and Jo all you want to, your county spent $500,000 defending public officials by having the Sheriff’s deputies sit in front of THEIR houses during the Jake Carrizal Biker Trial. $500K.

We, the people either complain and take up for one another or we shall continue to wait for “them” to just get worse in their isolation and paranoia.

They are guilty, they act guilty, they have an answer for everything and never explain.

THESE are your employees, your public servants.

Demand an audit.


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