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Never thought in 2017 when I was jumping up and down when Barry Johnson got elected, that INDEED Abel Reyna and Parnell McNamara had something going and were more than just buddies. When Par takes care of you, HE REALLY TAKES CARE OF YOU. If you put vanity lights under his Jeep, you and your family can get away with anything.

Brad Sharp’s mom, much like Season 1 of the Sopranos, thought Brad wanted her in a “Home” or “locked up” after a stint at LaHa, an alcohol rehab, well known to most everyone in Texas, Route 1, Box 1.

Mary Justice and her “boys” played on this, plus Johnnie Sharp’s pill and booze habits to turn her against her kid and shower Mary’s “boys” with all manner of just, face it, shit. Toys, cars, BMW, $5K model trucks, and, best yet, they turned a Big Red Bottling plant into a manufacturing place for stem cells where they make a placenta cream. Let’s stop and ponder that. No, it’s still not FDA approved, why bother, it’s Waco and no one cares.

Jay and Chad Justice grew up playing with the McNamara kids etc. and Par loves them, so, when Brad went and showed ole Par checks written by his father…..after death…..and other evidence, Par talked a good game then turned around and came after BRAD SHARP FOR THE JUSTICES FOR HARRASSMENT.

Brad turned to Adult Protective. Well, Adult Protective’s top is, guess who and guess where, the Sheriff. Naturally, nothing happened.

Now, national and international shows, blogs, and other media have picked up on this story, people in Waco are FINALLY taking notice of just how cheap our Sheriff really is, with Jay taking care of his Jeeps, Par is just lovin’ the vanity lights while Brad Sharp, among other people, have to either beg or go out of town to even find MEDIA to do something.

Too bad there wasn’t a chocolate penis or an oriental virgin involved, now THAT shit pisses off Par.

Hello? Commissioners? Hello? IRS?


THIS is Johnnie “I’m okay, just fine” Sharp driving down Valley Mills with her trunk bobbing and people honking and taking pictures of her. She’s fine, just fine. People know what the hell’s going on here, hence, people calling Brad Sharp, AND taking pictures of Johnnie along with her “Keeper” Mary Justice at different places. See, Mary keeps Johnnie away from ANYONE that knows Johnnie, ’cause, they know Johnnie recognizes NO ONE and they control her easier that way.

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