You have a bad Bank President doing whatever the hell he wants to and his lap dog with the wife that likes to make “Loans” herself until that gets to be a problem, oh, well, your BANK FOR LIFE will help make that okay. Isn’t Charlotte the Sheriff? Hmmm.

People have had to resort to keeping their own files, making their own timelines, using public information, and proving what the hell everyone has known for a long time. The Sheriff is one miserable sob, his wife runs the show and they both like toys and trips, ANONYMOUS sources send out messages in bottles practically looking for help for the corruption and good ole boy system inside the Sheriff’s department where if you aren’t sucking ole Par’s ego you’re FIRED for calling a Bank President a “Pussy” at LaFiesta.

What a guy. He turns “in” ole cat women, he won’t help people whose mother is practically Brittany Spears being held captive by the Justice family, burying family members in other people’s plots, can’t solve a goat murder, wonder why, KNOWS who the suspect is, hello, but you can do whatever you want to do as long as Parnell has money money to burn.

Guess who’s redoing the old McNamara home with no visible signs of piss drip money except his paycheck which he cashes.

FOLLOW THE MONEY, follow the people who are afraid in Waco because THERE IS NO LAW HERE.WHERE ARE THE GAWDDAMNED FEDS?

THIS man has gone too far.

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