Don’t get excited Parnell, I didn’t put any of your “addresses” up here so don’t go running off crying to the Rangers again. This is ALL Public Record, see the stamps on the bottom? No one is doing anything slanderous against ole Par except in his own mind. Public Records, yes, Federal and State.

This loan is approved by David Lacy. Yet another bank. Guess everyone wants that big Bosqueville property when Par goes to the big Hielo in the sky.

It’s so nice to have the biggest stick in town, wear your hat, have your power, make your buddies Junior Deputies.

Please for the good of my readers, remember that if one doesn’t have the income to support this and putting your wife’s name on titles won’t help after death in case anyone out there is thinking about it.

Your Sheriff is a high, high rolling guy.

2 thoughts on “PARNELL’S BIGASS $813,831.89 LOAN

  1. How much is he making being sheriff? Over 800 thousand? Good lord I think that would be way over his income level.

    • Sheriff makes nowhere near that, I’d have to look but probably around 150K, this is just a fluff loan that his cronies made so Parnell can just keep on rolling with…………sucks, just wrong.

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