TFNB Your Bank For Life financed developer Bill Wetterman’s plans for an offbeat, 38,000-square-foot venue crafted from shipping containers and a decades-old garage.

Now the bank takes possession of The Containery, as no one bid on the property during an auction Tuesday on the McLennan County Courthouse steps. Local attorney Steve Burton announced at the auction his client, Mitchell Construction, has filed a lien against The Containery.

Another Wetterman venture, converting the former Geyser Ice Co. complex near 10th Street and Webster Avenue into a hotel with ground-floor retail and dining options, was pulled from Tuesday’s foreclosure auction. 

The “OFFBEAT” Containery, 4.4 million dollars and now they have to unload THIS albatross, wonder what will sell first, this or the GAY NUDE CLOTHING OPTIONAL RANCH? Maybe they can get a stem cell injection from the Justices, or perhaps Parnell can turn this into a jail.

Lawsuits, loaned money, borrowers who lie on their bank applications, and the Sheriff who just fires people for no reason. Welcome to stem cell, gay, cray architecture new Waco. Welcome to Gilead.

032521-wac-loc-containery3.JPG (copy)

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