Hypocrites. Pretend to be BIG CHRISTIANS, fund a GAY RANCH, and Sheriff’s lackeys are running a STEM CELL LAB on Jewel Drive. Now that David Littlebiddywood is in trouble where does he turn? A ROCK HARD FIST IN THE AIR, Char and Par. Let’s all team up to protect one another and keep this out of the news.

Un oh. Your clients are trolling your page now Mr. Littlebiddywood, they have your number, and that number is what…..a few million here, a few there? What about those people who wanted loans, didn’t LIE ON THE APPLICATIONS, and had a way to actually pay back the loans, well, they had to get in line behind the nude men at the ranch. Ohmygawd you cannot make it up.

Welcome to Waco where if you pretend to be a Christian you can do just about anything you want. Now that Mr. Littlewood has been outed for bad loans for Gay Ranch, Stem Cells, Containery downtown, and there are lawsuits flying all over Dallas, poor Mr. Highroller has turned where they all turn when they’re in trouble.

God and Parnell McNamara. Sherre usually starts with Parnell, while Littlewood prefers a Bible verse and a rock hard fist. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that.

The imagery Mr. David Littlewood picks is victorious and, frankly, a little light in the loafers looking after exposure of recent events. I always thought that the “moneylenders” were frowned upon, guess not when they have God and a Sheriff in their pocket. Uh oh, the Bank Examiners were there just last week, oh, that was just routine.

Then the Board met at your “Bank for Life”, but that was routine, Right?????

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