Whatcha going to do now, Sherre, now that you’ve shot your wad by quoting poor Greg?

Well, when one questions whether or not 9 DWI’s, burglary of the Sheriff’s shed, carrying a concealed substance into a correctional facility, on and on, plus presentation of Public Information Requests, one had best watch out. The Christian Q Anon folks over at the Woodway Baptist Church would rather see whatever a sad young man on heroin says about his mother.

What one would think matters is that the Sheriff’s shack job, and the long time lover of Truman Simons has gotten preferential treatment time after time for Driving While Intoxicated. Nine times.

The NINE DWI’s and other charges will be brought to the public by public information requests. The information was written by police officers and one has to wonder how they feel after arresting the Sheriff’s girlfriend and her getting off time after time after time. Too bad she doesn’t tell us about HOW she got off all those charges, or, better yet, the story about her and Mike McNamara? Nope.

Whatcha going to do now? He’s the only son I had……..sorry you can’t find some other really shitty way to TRY your best to hurt someone.

Poor Sherre, passed around and now facing jail.

Or maybe not.

1:41 PM

Hello Berny, this woman you speak of, made a page from jail talking terrible things about you and our dear Greg, but we reported it immediately and Facebook blocked that account that had 121 followers of the Christian community, what sick people, please take care a lot and I didn’t tell you before because I didn’t want to stress you out, I love you.

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